Fergus Henderson's Home Page 


I am currently living in the UK; I work for Google at their London office, where I am a tech lead on the TTS team; my job involves working on services and tools for speech synthesis and speech recognition.  Before that, I worked in Google's New York office, first on building tools for the other engineers at Google, and then on the speech team.

Previously I lived in Portland, Oregon, and worked for Galois Connections, where my job involved compiling functional programming languages to FPGAs.

Before that, I was a research fellow in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at The University of Melbourne. I worked on the Mercury Project, with Zoltan Somogyi and the rest of the Mercury team.

My CV is available on request.

I used to be one of the moderators of the Usenet newsgroup comp.std.c++, although nowadays the other moderators do most of that; I'm just providing tech support. For more information about comp.std.c++, check out the FAQ list, Charter, or the moderation policy.