Who am I?

My name is Fereshteh Didegah, a PhD holder in Information Science and I am crazy about my job as a researcher in Scientometrics and Almtetrics.


What was my PhD thesis about?

I did my PhD in Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group, UK. My thesis was in the area of Scientometrics and I used advanced statistical tests to model the reasons and factors why some articles are highly cited while some others remain uncited for a long time.

Where have I worked so far?

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at Danish Centre for Studies in Research & Research Policy, Aarhus University, Denmark. I worked at University of Turku, Finland as a postdoctoral researcher for a year in a project on the societal impact of open science. I started doing research in Altmetrics in Finland and published a number of conference/journal papers in this area.

What are my research interests?

My research categories fall into two broad categories: Scientometrics and Altmetrics. My main focus in both areas is on the motivations and reasons for citation counts and altmetric counts. I also like learning new advanced statistical models and using them in my research.

Altmetrics is a new field in imetrics, only 6 years old now. I research different reasons why an article is mentioned on altmetric platforms such as Twitter or Blogs.

My research interests in bibliometrics and scientometrics
  • Citation reasons; citation motivations; citation theory.
  • Different patterns of research collaboration.
  • Research internationality.
  • Research interdisciplinarity.
  • Co-citation and bibliographich coupling analysis.

My research interests in altmetrics

  • Differences between citations and new alternative metrics.
  • Differences between various altmetric platfroms.
  • Altmetric reasons and factors.
  • Co-network analysis i.e. co-read and co-tweet networks.