I am Ph.D. Economics Student in George Mason University. I have a Bachelors degree in Economics by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  I have worked at El Colegio de México as the research assistant of economic historian Carlos Marichal and at Movimiento Libertario de México (Mexican Think Tank working on the diffusion of classical liberal philosophy). 

My research interest lies in the fields of Economic History, New Institutional Economics and Agent-Based Modeling. I am also interested in banking and monetary economics; my undergraduate dissertation centered on the evolution of the debates over the "management of money" (free banking and other schemes). My graduate dissertation (which I'm working on right now) dwells on the institutional properties that create incentives for political union and fragmentation (why some nations are large and some small); I focus on the case of the Spanish Empire in the 16th-19th century (and the process of fragmentation that led to the creation of the Latin American countries).