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I am Lecturer in Environment and Development at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

I am an environmental social scientist and my research investigates how and why social-ecological systems transform along particular pathways, and under what conditions societal change towards sustainability may occur. My research engages with issues of sustainability, resilience and transformation of agriculture and rural systems, alternative economies and grassroots innovations for sustainability, social change theory and sustainability.

This website contains information on my research, teaching and academic service, and gives access to my publications.


April 2015 | New publication Researching  farmer behaviour in climate change adaptation and sustainable agriculture: lessons learned from five case studies in the Journal of Rural studies [Open access here].

February 2015 | Blog post: Societal transformation in response to global environmental change. Open questions and challenges ahead.

December 2014 | My paper Considering the normative, systemic and procedural dimensions in indicator-based sustainability assessments in agriculture is in the top 10 most cited Environmental Impact Assessment Review articles [Open access here].

December 2014 | New paper: Societal transformation in response to global environmental change: a review of emerging concepts [Open access here]

October 2014 | Some thoughts on the economic impact of climate change on Colombian agriculture | Comentario sobre los impactos economicos del cambio climatico en la agricultura colombiana.


May 2014 | My research Failure and Success of Transition initiatives with Richard Nunes featured in Pandeia.eu: here.

April 2014 | A chat over my research Failure and Success of Transition initiatives with Richard Nunes and Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement. Text available here.