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I am a Lecturer in Environment and Development at the University of Reading, United Kingdom.

I am concerned with uncovering and understanding the social and social-ecological processes that lead to, or prevent, societal transformations toward sustainability in different places. I engage with issues of sustainability, resilience and transformation of farming systems, alternative economies and grassroots innovations for sustainability, social change theories and sustainability.

This website contains information on my research, teaching and academic service, and gives access to my publications.


September 2016 | New publication (open access): The Vulnerability of Rice Value Chains in Sub-Saharan Africa: A ReviewClimate, 4(3):47.

September 2016 | Blog post: Why do farmers behave the way they do and make the decisions they make?

September 2016 | Talk and conference paper: Translocal grassroots movements and the geography of sustainability transitions: the case of the Transition Towns Network. 7th International Sustainability Transitions (IST) Conference 2016. Paper for download here

June 2016 | Invited talk at the Henley Business School's Interdisciplinary Sustainability Seminar: Societal transformation in response to global environmental change: a review of emerging concepts.


May 2014 | My research Failure and Success of Transition initiatives with Richard Nunes featured in Pandeia.eu: here.

April 2014 | A chat over my research Failure and Success of Transition initiatives with Richard Nunes and Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition Movement. Text available here.