Social research for transformation toward sustainability

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I am Associate Professor of Social Change for Sustainability in the Copernicus Institute of Sustainable Development at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.

I conduct research on socioecological change in modern societies. My current research critically examines ongoing processes of societal transformation towards forms of society and economy which aim at the wellbeing of all and sustain the ecological basis of life. I aim to develop an empirically based theory of societal transformation to sustainability, to contribute to the societal debate on this challenge, and to build a bridge between theory and political action. My main empirical foci are those of agri-food systems, and grassroots actors such as the civil society and social movements. My research uses interdisciplinary and mixed-method approaches, and is focussed primarily on Europe and Colombia.

This website contains information on my research, teaching and academic service, and gives access to my scientific publications and public outreach.