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Illustrated by Chelsea Lane
Digital/34 pages    $2.99
Age 3-5

Zodiac Zoo takes the reader through the narrator's family by explaining their Chinese zodiac sign, what it means for their personality, and what sort of colors are associated with that sign.

"A fun read for kids and adults!"

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9" x 8.5" Hardcover/44 pages   $12.95
ISBN 978-0-9705889-6-8
Age 3 to 8

Birthday boy Ah Kee couldn't wait for his long life noodles. On his way to the market with Ma he invites friend after friend to join him for noodles. Will Ma have enough to feed everyone he's invited? As the noodles are being prepared one by one each guest brings an ingredient to add to the pot. Not too much, just what they can offer. Soon all gather to celebrate Ah Kee's birthday.

"This book is a tribute to the late 1950's rural life style here in Hawaii. A time when folks farmed the land and took care of one another so naturally. Something we'd like to always remember, continue to practice and pass on to youngsters."

"For everyone who loves to eat saimin— this book is for you."

2011 Ka Palapala Po'okela Awards

Winner of "Excellence in Children's Literature"

Honorable Mention of "Excellence in Children's Illustrative & Photographic Books"

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