Dr. Fengbo Zhang in the Press since 1980s
   1. Appearance in Chinese Media  

          People Daily / People Forum --The most influential and authoritative media in China
  Xinhua News -- China National News Agency

        Xinhua News November 8, 2007-

   Economic Daily / CE.CN   -- the #1 Economic media in China, leaded by CCP and the State Council
  CCTV  – China Central Television
  China Daily  -- the largest English portal in China

Beijing Daily / Beijing TV
  Official Chinese website: www.fzh99.com  by ECA-Electronic Communication Authority of China [Translate this page ]

  Yahoo Website: http://zhangfengbo.zhan.cn.yahoo.com/  [Translate this page ]



2. Appearance in Japanese Media

  Reported in Major Japanese Newspapers

    3. Appearance in USA Media