Fen Edge Footpath Group

Fen Edge Footpath Group is a part of the Fen Edge Community and organises walks around the Cambridgeshire area each month. The group also organises two walking weekend holidays in locations further away.

The Cottenham Walk Local group are also hosted here.

If you wish to contact us or join us on any of our walks please email us at: fenedge.footpathgroup@gmail.com

We also have a google group that you can join to stay in touch find it here



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Other Information

Reporting Problems with Footpaths etc

There are several ways which you can report issues with rights of way, such as blockages, illegal use or even bad surfaces.

  • The Council's own website - Report a highways problem
  • Fix My Street - an excellent website which allows you to see reported problems on a website and submit new issues (these are forwarded to the appropriate local authority).

If you have an Android or Apple smartphone it's even easier to report a problem via Fix My Street as you can take a photo of the problem and send the report directly (it even includes the GPS co-ordinates to make the problem easy to identify), go to the Fix My Street website for details.

Definitive Mapping

Cambridgeshire County Council has some excellent maps of public rights of way and permissive paths in this area. These have been researched and are deemed legal rights of way for use by walkers. The maps can be found at:- http://my.cambridgeshire.gov.uk/?tab=maps. To see the rights of way, switch on the overlays located in the left hand side bar (Leisure and Culture - select Public Rights of Way, Stewardship Access Paths and Permissive Access Paths). There is plenty of information there including gritting routes, roadworks planning applications, so have a look around, it really is an excellent resource.


OpenStreetMap is a community edited set of maps, not as good as Ordnance Survey, but perfectly adequate and getting better all the time, try it out at http://openstreetmap.org/.

If you have a garmin navigation device you can download free openstreetmaps for your device by following the instructions on this website http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/OSM_Map_On_Garmin/Download