Equipment Suppliers

This page lists equipment distributors and brands available to Atlantic Canadian fencers. If you're a club member interested in buying equipment for the first time, feel free to ask your coach for advice.

Absolute Fencing:

Absolute fencing is a great budget distributor, mostly used by clubs in the purchase of club equipment. They have their own budget brand of equipment and are licensed distributors of the Negrini and Uhlmann equipment brands. Overall, this distributor has some of the best prices on equipment but has a limited selection when it comes to fencing weapons and parts. A great first-time distributor or a distributor for beginner and early competition fencers.

Blue Gauntlet:

Blue Gauntlet has established a good reputation, particularly with sabre fencers. They sell their own brand of equipment of the mid-end quality. Their lames are of good quality. They are also licensed distributors of Allstar Equipment. They have a limited selection of weapon parts. A great distributor for beginner and intermediate fencers (and sabre fencers of all levels).

This distributor likely has the largest selection of equipment out there and has a reputation for carrying equipment from even the smallest distributors (making for some rare equipment finds). Often, you will be able to find the newest products here, just after FIE certification. The quality of their own brand is towards the low-end (comparable to Absolute) but their prices, even on brandname equipment, are the lowest or second lowest out there (second only to Absolute). A great distributor for fencers of all levels.

Allstar Fencing:

One of the more expensive distributors, Allstar has a reputation for mid-to-high quality products. Their main advantage over other brands is durability. While Allstar often does not provide the most innovative or new products, their masks are legendarily long lasting and have recently been modified to allow machine cleaning. Their weapon brand is at the low-to-mid quality end and comparable products can be purchased at far less expense from other distributors. A good distributor for high level competition fencers. You can also find Allstar products at most competitions at Ed Matchett's equipment stand.

Leon Paul:

This distributor has a reputation for innovation. Their products are of high quality but, due to the often experimental nature of their products, it is recommended that you try on equipment from this brand prior to purchase (including weapons). Leon Paul equipment is extremely customizable and is often very different from the standard equipment you might typically be used to. If you can't try on their equipment prior to purchase, they have a free, user friendly returns service available if the equipment doesn't work for you.

Fleche Fencing:

Fleche offers its own low-to-mid end brand of equipment and is a licensed distributor of Negrini. Price-wise, this distributor is in the mid-range. The advantage of this distributor is that it operates out of both Toronto and Saint John. Fleche has a good selection of high quality weapon parts. This distributor does not seem to be currently operational.

Ideal Fencing:

Ideal Fencing is a relatively new Canadian distributor. The club has ordered from them in the past. They sell a limited selection of products mostly at the low quality end with some higher quality products sporadically available. Their prices are extremely good and customer service is excellent. Use of this distributor should, likely, be limited to beginner fencers or those just buying parts.

PBT Fencing:

A Hungarian fencing distributor and brand. They are known for their good quality and long lasting lames and offer a large range of high quality products. Due to the quality, their prices are on the high end. Recommended for high level fencers.


A pioneer in the development of ergonomic weapon grips and handles that cannot be purchased anywhere else. Otherwise, this is a mid-to-high end distributor with licensing to sell FWF German equipment. Recommended for high level fencers.

Dynamo Fencing:

Based out of British Columbia, this club sells their own brand of low-to-mid end equipment. Their prices are in line with most other comparable distributors; although, their fencing blades are somewhat cheaper, even for brandname products. Recommended for beginner fencers.


This is more a brand than an actual distributor. You can find their products at most fencing distributors. They are known for their Foil and Epee points and tips, as well as their gloves. Overall, this is a mid-to-high quality brand, primarily focused on the point weapons.

All statements on this page are opinions and should not be taken as an absolute statement towards any brand. Selecting a distributor is generally a matter of personal preference and experience.