Declan Hartery

I am an electrical engineering major who has been fencing epee for about 5 years. I've found success at the provincial and Atlantic levels, winning several gold and silver medals in junior and open epee events, and currently hold the provincial championship team epee title along with fellow club members Calum and Thomas. I love fencing competitively, but only because swordfighting is so much fun!


Nate Bilsky

I am a second year majoring in Philosophy and English. I started fencing in my first year, and primarily fence Epee. Until recently, I was the beginner representative.

VP Internal

Job O'Brien

I’m three years into a concurrent Science and Computer Science degree. I have recently returned to fencing after an extended break; the bulk of my career as an obligate epeeist ran from 2011 through until 2017.

VP External

Calum Skidmore

I am a 3rd year Kinesiology student with UNB who has been fencing since 2009. I have trained in both Saber and Epee throughout my career but I have specialized in epee since 2015.

Equipment Manager

Nigel Sood

I'm a 5th year computer science student at UNB. I've been fencing since 2009 in both Foil and Epee, and I've competed nationally in Epee. As the equipment manager for the club, I also work to keep our gear in working order - so come find me if your sword breaks!


Thomas Tam

I am currently a 3rd year in Arts majoring in Media Art and Culture. I started fencing foil in grade 5, switch to epee in grade 7 and started sabre this year.

Beginner Rep

This position is currently empty and will be filled during our next election!

For now, direct all questions you may have for your beginner representative to Nate Bilsky, last years representative and current secretary.

Executive Team Information

The Executive team can be reached through the email on our Contact Us page, or by talking to one of us directly at practices!