What's Your Value Worth to Customers?

Delivering exceptional customer service experience is more than a series of steps of “how to guides”. It ultimately comes to appreciating the customer’s desire to choose do business with your organization as opposed to your competition; and that appreciation is reflected by asking ourselves, “how do I deliver value to this customer?”. 

Value is never about how a business perceives value, but rather how its customers perceive value.

When customers make a purchase decision, they are not merely looking to purchase a mere “product or service”.  They are constantly seeking value relative to the price they are paying. They want brands that have proven their worth, they want to deal with sales reps they can trust, they want convenience relative to location and access and they want to experience outstanding service in the process. When a business is able to fulfil every step of these requirements, they stand out from the competition and give themselves the best opportunity to build a loyal customer base with the highest potential for repeat sales.

Every time a customer engages with your company they are asking themselves, "What benefits have I received and what costs have I paid to get those benefits?" Delivering superior customer value must be a primary focus of every business that wants to be perceived as a “brand of distinction”.

In this keynote, Femi explore the dynamics behind customer purchase decisions from the customer’s perspective and how organisations can present a compelling "value-proposition" to their customers. 

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