Champion Attitude for Service Excellence

"Service Excellence Begins with Attitude". 

World class customer service begins and ends with attitude. Every employee begins every engagement with a customer with an attitude and this attitude will be reflected in their actions, body language, tone of voice, choice of words and behaviour. 

While we may have little control over the customer’s attitude, we always have control over our own – and our attitude can make or break the customer experience!

The most successful organisations know that world class customer service culture is created when the business is built around the customer and not the customer around the business.  

They build the business around the customer when staff are willing to go the extra mile, when they attempt to know and exceed customer expectations and when they genuinely and consistently put the customer first – all of which is reflected in their attitude. 

Only an exceptional service attitude can create customers who are brand advocates and are enthusiastic and excited about your brand. A poor service attitude on the other hand, is a definite turnoff that will create customers that are not only unexcited about your brand but potentially hostile towards it.

Insights and techniques share by Femi in this talk will empower participants to develop exceptional service attitude when dealing with customers and to get them excited about delivering world class service. 

He will also share practical insights into the emotional and logical drivers behind customer purchase decisions and the role attitude plays in shifting a consumer from a prospect to a definite sale. 

The audience will learn effective communication techniques that will equip them to display passion, energy and successfully engage with all types of customers. Empowered with outstanding service attitude, your staff will be guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your customers.

At the core of this keynote, Femi shares that we can only deliver exceptional service attitude when we take complete ownership and responsibility for our own attitudes, actions and responses – irrespective of the situation or how we feel! 
The impression the customer has of the brand after any engagement is almost always a direct result of the attitude of the employee that dealt with the customer. That employee becomes the face of the brand and that employee’s attitude becomes the brand’s attitude. 

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