If there's a place where customers are likely to be paying attention to the type of service they receive, it's within the hospitality industry. Not only is it an industry where competition is high, it is also an industry where repeat business is critical to success. An industry that thrives on guest and customer loyalty.

To be distinct and competitive, mere service is no longer enough. Businesses in the hospitality sector we will have to move from “mere service” to creating a “memorable total guest experience” for each guest that walks into their establishment.

They are going to create the type of guest experiences that transform the ordinary into mundane, the ordinary into the extra ordinary and the normal into the memorable.   

And that is exactly what today’s guests want (be it a hotel, a resort, restaurant etc. Today’s guest expects more and demand more. From the very second they walk in to the moment they depart, they want to feel valued and appreciated and even want memorable experiences they can take with them and look back on with fondness.

Their experience during their stay at the hotel or resort will not only shape their perception of the hospitality establishment and its people but will have a great impact on their level of satisfaction. Their level of satisfaction will in turn determine their depth of loyalty the brand. It is guest loyalty that in turn drives repeat business. And repeat business, ultimately impacts the degree of success of any business. 

Service Excellence Strategies for the Hospitality Industry is available as a one-hour keynote, a half-day master class or full day master class. 

Key Focus Areas

How to build a strong culture of service excellence in a Hospitality Business

Identifying the barriers to great service in the hospitality industry and techniques for overcoming them

How to introduce innovations around the guest experience.

Case Studies – Drawing insights from leading international hospitality businesses around the world to identify various innovations around guest experience.

How to make hospitality staff more passionate about service excellence.

The VIP approach – treating guests like VIP and driving up customer loyalty.

Techniques for personalising the guest experience

Using social media and other tools to better know guests so that we can surprise them with the unexpected?

Using customer feedback to improve guest experience

Ways of better empowering to deliver great service experience and resolve guest issues timeously.

How to use guest complaints to improve the guest experience

Practical ways of making the little things count.



Who Should Attend

This Master Class has been specifically designed for hospitality sector - Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants and all hospitality-related businesses that want to improve their customer service skills and service excellence levels.


Booking Inquiries

This programme can be run in-house or off-site over 1 or 2 days, subject to the number of delegates and depth of course content agreed. Alternatively, a highly summarized 1-hour keynote of this programme is also available.

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