Other Business Talks and Keynotes

Drawing on his over 15 years of business, entrepreneurship and leadership experience, Femi offers a wealth of knowledge on how businesses can practically and successfully build High-Performance Championship Cultures, Adapt in a Rapidly Changing World and Achieve High-Impact Leadership. CLICK BELOW TO VIEW KEYNOTE DETAILS.

EVERYTHING rests on leadership.

Business success requires managerial leaders that must not only be able to strategise and be insightful decision-makers; however OUTSTANDING business success is driven by quality leadership that is able to motivate employees to higher levels of performance and delivery, inspire employees to commit to the organizational vision, and establish the type of performance-driven culture that becomes the true source of the organization’s competitive advantage. This dynamic and content-rich talk will share with the audience how to achieve exactly that. READ MORE

Change is an inevitability that will face or take place within any organization and in today’s rapidly “changing” world, those organizations that do not know how to successfully navigate the change experience will lag their competition and even worse still, may ultimately fail.

Knowing how to successfully manage the change process is a powerful key for unlocking innovation and creativity within any organization; and embedding a culture of innovation and creativity within a business is one of the factors that set a business apart from the competition. READ MORE

The business landscape is rapidly changing, competition has ramped up significantly, technology is simultaneously creating and destroying opportunities, what worked yesterday is no longer effective today and per research, by the year 2020, the lifespan of the average business will shorten from 45 years to less than 10 years.

In a dynamic, highly competitive and rapidly changing world, “being an average player” is a sure recipe for disaster. Organizations that survive and thrive are keenly aware that their competitive edge lies in their ability to create, nurture and build on a high-performance culture. READ MORE