Master Class: Customer Service for Retail Staff

Master Class Overview

No other industry demands exceptional service excellence than the retail industry and there are factors specific to this industry that make it important for front-line employees to learn and hone their retail customer service skills. 

Today’s customer is more knowledgeable, have options and the moment they step into your store, they expect an exceptional total in-store experience from retail employees.

Many retail employees deal directly with customers, and so become the face of the brand during that customer engagement. 

he quality of their interaction with the customer not only impacts the customer’s perception of the brand but also greatly impacts whether the customer will purchase in the store or not. 

Therefore, it becomes critical to train retail staff well enough so that they can offer high quality customer service, give customers a distinct total instore customer experience and in turn help boost sales.

Master Class Objective

The insights and techniques in this masterclass will empower your customer-facing staff to better understand the logical and emotional motivations of customer purchase decisions, better adapt their communication style, build better relationships with customers and deliver an outstanding customer experience.

This dynamic service excellence masterclass is ideal for retail store employees, front-line customer facing staff and retail store managers. 

The programme has been specifically designed and tailored to skill-up and empower retail store staff to deliver exceptional customer service, improve their cross-selling and suggestive selling skills and position your retail store as a brand of distinction.

Key Focus Areas

Some of the key focus areas of this Master Class are:

§  Understanding the dynamics of service excellence in a retail store environment

§  How to wow retail store customers and improve customer loyalty

§  Techniques for improving the total customer store experience

§  Characteristics of successful retail store employees and what they do differently

§  Understanding how your customers define value – and how to deliver “distinctive value”

§  The 10 magic phrases that influence customers to buy

§  The top 10 things retail employees should never do

§  Effective retail strategies for increasing sales through service

§  The 10 magic phrases that influence customers to buy

§  Techniques for making a genuine great first impression

§  How to adapt response to customer profiles and personality types

§  Effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills

§  Cross-selling and suggestive selling skills for retail shop employees

§  How to apply active listening skills and effective communication techniques

§  How to deal with challenging customers

§  How the Expectations and Shopping behaviours of Millennials and Generation Z is impacting your business

§  Master effective skills to maintain a positive and customer-focused mindset in the retail store.

§  Apply effective attitude shifting techniques to deliver exceptional total customer experience

§  Acquire powerful communication skills for effective customer service

§  Apply effective tools for recovering upset customers and regaining their confidence in the business

§  How to deliver your best even when you are feeling at your worst


Who Should Attend

This Master Class has been specifically designed for retail store employees, retail store managers, and customer facing sales staff that want to improve their customer service skills and service excellence levels in a retail store environment.


Booking Inquiries

This programme can be run in-house or off-site over 1 or 2 days, subject to the number of delegates and depth of course content agreed. Alternatively, a highly summarized 1-hour keynote of this programme is also available.

For quotations and fees, please contact us as below:


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