The business landscape is rapidly changing, competition has ramped up significantly, technology is simultaneously creating and destroying opportunities, what worked yesterday is no longer effective today and per research, by the year 2020, the lifespan of the average business will shorten from 45 years to less than 10 years.

In a dynamic, highly competitive and rapidly changing world, “being an average player” is a sure recipe for disaster. Organizations that survive and thrive are keenly aware that their competitive edge lies in their ability to create, nurture and build on a high-performance culture.

Even challenging economic climates pose numerous opportunities and advantages provided businesses can switch gears to high-performance championship thinking, build innovation into the DNA of their organisation, and encourage a culture of results-driven and transformational leadership.

For businesses to leverage off the growth opportunities even in the context of a challenging business environment, it will become imperative to do the following:

Firstly, become clear of how to embed a “High-Performance” culture into every facet of their businesses

Secondly, begin to see “value-driven innovation and creativity” an integral part of their business

Thirdly and possibly most importantly, shift paradigm and start seeing service excellence as a powerful business differentiator and competitive weapon

In his dynamic interactive style, Femi will share with the audience practical and workable strategies to create and sustain a winning performance-driven business culture. He will share the keys that separate great businesses from the multitude and how they keep on being great in spite of massively disruptive change, decreasing business margins and tough competition. The number one factor that sets extraordinary businesses apart from the rest is simply this - their business culture – what their people value, what they do and how they do it.

Furthermore, based on first-hand experience from building and successfully running business both in corporate world and as entrepreneur, Femi will share powerful insights for creating successful performance driven business and EXACTLY HOW to create and shape an innovative organisational culture – a blueprint that works irrespective of the size of the business!

Some key areas of focus of the talk include:

§  Why the future business landscape REALLY has no place for mediocrity – The New Laws of the Business Jungle

§  The Top 5% - the difference between good and great organisations

§  Understanding the power of culture in shaping business success or failure

§  Turning service excellence into a competitive weapon and powerful differentiator

§  How to practically embed a high-performance culture into your business DNA

§  Creating high-performer employees – how to successfully and permanently shift behaviours

§  Does the Vision Excite us? - How to create a compelling vision that drives business success

§  How to create and establish collective ownership and responsibility for the organisation’s vision.

§  Strategies for translating vision into concrete action

§  How to build High-Performance Leaders within the business

§  Values, Vision, Leadership, Strategy, and Process – the Pillars of Business Success

§  Adaptability – how to remain a tactile business in a changing world