Be Distinct Or Be Extinct

In the “Distinct or Be Extinct” talk, Femi shares unique customer service insights that sets successful organizations apart from the rest. The fact is that competition has ramped up significantly over the years and unless there is something distinct about the service you offer (or how you offer it….), you might not be able to retain your competitive advantage for much longer.

Great businesses are based on service. They differentiate their offering on service and not necessarily price alone because research has proven again and again that consumers are willing to pay a premium, provided they “get great service”. For consumers, it’s never just about the product, it’s all about the “experience that comes with buying the product”

In a world where social media is integrated into our lifestyles, customers no longer just buy based on your advertising - they now base their buying decisions on what other consumers say about your brand, your products and most of all your service! Based on your service, a client’s feedback can make your brand either a “hero or zero” to potentially hundreds of thousands of people in literally a few seconds! Knowing how to positively leverage this dynamic is what will make businesses distinct from their competition and keep them positioned for success!

With his trademark, humorous style, he cites stories and examples of organizations that have successfully embodied a true service culture, and how they kept on being successful in spite of tough market and economic conditions. He shares his unique “Knock-My-Socks-Off” service success insights that customer service professionals can apply to ensure that they deliver a truly memorable experience to their customers again and again and again.  He outlines how service professionals can make a powerful positive impression in less than 30 seconds and set the tone for closing the deal.

The talk also focuses on how a team can create a “high-impact service culture”, because when the culture exists, the right behaviours will follow. And whenever employees display the right service behaviours, success is always a guarantee.