Adapt and Thrive - CHANGE

Change is an inevitability that will face or take place within any organization and in today’s rapidly “changing” world, those organizations that do not know how to successfully navigate the change experience will lag their competition and even worse still, may ultimately fail.

Knowing how to successfully manage the change process is a powerful key for unlocking innovation and creativity within any organization; and embedding a culture of innovation and creativity within a business is one of the factors that set a business apart from the competition. Furthermore, when organizations have the tools to embrace and adapt to change, this almost always results in new performance levels and consequently, business success.

In “Adapt and Thrive”, Femi shares practical insights that businesses can use, particularly during chaotic and disruptive times, to comprehend, adapt to and capitalise on change! He details how businesses can successfully leverage off the change experience to identify and capitalise on potential growth opportunities, well ahead of the competition.

In “Adapt and Thrive”, Femi details the fact that successful change management is not simply about tactical and strategic plans for engaging the change process. Instead, successful change management relies on the effective combination of strategic planning as well as factoring in the “people side” of change. In other words for any change management process to succeed, it must align the change objective with the human side of the change equation. 

Femi will also share how individuals within organizations can overcome the fear of change by knowing how to shift their attitudes, beliefs and responses. Using inspiring stories and drawing from his own experience he will highlight a much under-appreciated fact – WITH CHANGE COMES OPPORTUNITIES! By showing how organizations can shift from a “challenge-focus” to an “opportunity-focus”, Femi shows how organizations can successfully embrace change and thrive even in disruptive circumstances!

“Adapt and Thrive” is a talk that is ideal for any organization that is facing significant change and is looking to successfully overcome the challenges that are an intrinsic part of the change experience. In his usual energetic style, Femi will take the audience through an exciting journey that will empower them to successfully embrace the change experience in a manner that allows them to capitalise on potential growth opportunities and put them ahead of the competition.