In the “Be Distinct or Be Extinct” talk, Femi shares unique customer service insights that sets successful organizations apart from the rest. The fact is that competition has ramped up significantly over the years and unless there is something distinct about the service you offer (or how you offer it….), you might not be able to retain your competitive advantage for much longer.

Great businesses are based on service. They differentiate their offering on service and not necessarily price alone because research has proven again and again that consumers are willing to pay a premium, provided they “get great service”. 

For consumers, it’s never just about the product, it’s all about the “experience that comes with buying the product”...READ MORE

The leadership for service excellence programme is designed to equip your customer service managers and supervisors, the knowledge, tools and coaching skills that are critical in creating and maintaining a culture of service excellence within your organisation.

Training your front-line staff to deliver exceptional service is critical, however, it is important to remember that managers and supervisors also play an important role in ensuring that high service standards are implemented and maintained.

Service excellence in any organization is always driven by clear strategic direction from the leadership. Leadership drives culture and culture is the single largest differentiator of exceptional organisations from mediocre ones. READ MORE

The reality is that today’s consumer is better prepared, more savvy, and they want it all – value for money, a great price and above all world class service experience. When a business cannot deliver on these expectations and deliver well, customers switch and they switch quickly. Consequently, research is increasingly showing that it is no longer enough to merely satisfy customers.

Making customers loyal to your products or services and turning them into raving advocates for your brand now means that companies must exceed customer expectations and deliver exceptional experiences to customers, consistently! 

Maximising customer loyalty and customer retention is the key to long term business success. READ MORE

Delivering exceptional customer service experience is more than a series of steps of “how to guides”. It ultimately comes to appreciating the customer’s desire to choose do business with your organization as opposed to your competition; and that appreciation is reflected by asking ourselves, “how do I deliver value to this customer?”.

Value is never about how a business perceives value, but rather how its customers perceive value.

When customers make a purchase decision, they are not merely looking to purchase a mere “product or service”.  They are constantly seeking value relative to the price they are paying. They want brands that have proven their worth, they want to deal with...READ MORE

Organisations can only truly be effective in delivering exceptional service to their external customers if their internal customers are treated with the same standard of service. 

Everyone in the organisation plays a key role – irrespective of whether they are front-line or not. For instance, without ongoing support from internal business units such as HR, Finance, IT, front-line service staff would become extremely limited in dealing with external customers on an on-going basis.

For organisations to deliver exceptional world class service to their customers they must first start from within. READ MORE

World class customer service begins and ends with attitude. Every employee begins every engagement with a customer with an attitude and this attitude will be reflected in their actions, body language, tone of voice, choice of words and behaviour.

While we may have little control over the customer’s attitude, we always have control over our own – and our attitude can make or break the customer experience!

The most successful organisations know that world class customer service culture is created when the business is built around the customer and not the customer around the business.  They build the business around the customer when staff are willing to go the extra mile, when they attempt to know and exceed customer expectations and when they genuinely and consistently put the customer first – all of which is reflected in their attitude. READ MORE