Information about the meeting

The meeting will take place on April 11, 12, and 13 of 2014.  Sessions will take place on the 5th floor of Helen C. White Hall on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus.  The schedule is below.  (Thanks to the UW-Madison Philosophy Department for funding the provided food.)  If you have any questions, please contact Mike Titelbaum at

 Friday, April 11  (in 5181 Helen C. White Hall) 
 12:00–1:15 Reuben Stern and Ben Schwan, UW-Madison
"When to Jeffrey Conditionalize"
 1:30–2:45  Peter Vranas, UW-Madison
"New Foundations for Imperative Logic IV: Natural Deduction"
 first handout,
 second handout
  snack (provided) 
 3:00–4:15 Jason Konek and Ben Levinstein, Bristol
"The Foundations of Epistemic Decision Theory"
 4:30–5:45 Mike Titelbaum, UW-Madison
"Continuing On"
 6:30 dinner reservation at BrickHouse BBQ 
  Saturday, April 12 
 9:00 coffee and bagels (provided) 
 9:30–10:45 Malcolm Forster, UW-Madison
"The Principle of Common Cause"
 some related
 11:00–12:15 Richard Pettigrew, Bristol
"What's So Special about Strictly Proper Scoring Rules?"
 related blog post,
  lunch in Helen C. White (provided) 
 1:30–2:45 Anubav Vasudevan, U. Chicago
"On the Judy Benjamin Problem"
 3:00–4:15 Branden Fitelson, Rutgers
"Toward an Epistemic Foundation of Comparative Confidence" (joint work with David McCarthy)
  snack (provided) 
 4:30–5:45 Fabrizio Cariani, Northwestern
"Why Deliberate? The Limits of a Good(ish) Answer"
 6:30 dinner reservation at Brochach, Capitol Square 
  Sunday, April 13 
 9:00 coffee and bagels (provided) 
 9:30–10:45 Andrew Cuda, UW-Madison
"Bayesian Predictivism"
 11:00-12:15 Jason Konek, Bristol
"Vindicating Scott's Laws of Comparative Probability Using Non-Additive Scoring Rules"
 1:00 lunch reservation at Maharani 

If you would like to log on to wireless internet access while on campus, see this page: