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Conscription Crisis - CHC2D

Click on the links below to learn more about the conscription crisis:
People's History -  French Canadians are very angry when the federal government forces men to war
Avoiding War - As casualties climbed, the number of new recruits decreased as men chose not to fight
Historica.ca - The Conscription Crisis of 1917
Conscription Crisis in Quebec - watch this video to learn more about the reaction in Quebec
Conscription - Learn more from the War Museum Site
French Canada and Recruitment - This link to the War Museum talks about conscription and the reaction among French Canadians.

Knowledge Ontario resources- "The conscription crisis: the threat of the military service act and prohibition hang over a divided Canada."  and "The conscription crisis, part III a Canadian tragedy ..."   Battle of Ottawa (or conscription)  These articles are available through Knowledge Ontario in the Canadian Periodicals (CPI.Q.) and General One File.  (Access them through Knowledge Ontario eresources on the femadill.com website.  You could do a search using these specific article titles).
Don't forget to make use of the books available in the library for this research.  Remember to keep track of your sources.