Welcome to the website for the Library.  Here you will find information about the Library,  as well as links to useful sites.  Click on "Links" on the sidebar.
The Library is open before school, at lunch and after school Monday to Friday.
Mrs. Guay  - Teacher-Librarian 
Ms. Hickey - Resource Technician     

You will find lots of helpful information along the sidebar and below.  Make the library site a starting point for your research!

 Accessing Databases

The following databases may be helpful.  If you are accessing these resources at home, you will need a password.  Please ask at the circulation desk for your password.

Accessing the Library Catalog

The Library Catalogue may be accessed outside the school now by clicking here.   Click on "Catalogue" to search for books.  Remember you may search by title, author, keyword or subject.

 The Library has some ebooks for you to read too. These books are available when you log into the Destiny card catalogue with your Novell login and password. (The login is at the top right side of the home page of the card catalogue). You will see the "Follett Shelf" icon on the left side.  This will direct you to the ebooks that you may download and read.

Accessing the Library Catalogue on the iPad

  • You may access the library information through Safari but, f you have an iPad, you should download the Brytewave app and the Destiny Quest app.  These will give you access to the Madill card catalogue.  If you need help setting up the apps, just ask!

New Acquisitions - Fiction and Non-Fiction

        The new books that were purchased at the beginning of the school year are now in the fiction section in the stacks.  The Forest of Reading books from this past year that were on display are now also in the stacks.

     The Forest of Reading books for 2017 have arrived.  This year we are featuring White Pine fiction, which is suitable for grades 9 - 12 and Red Maple.  This year, the Red Maple selections, suitable for grades 7 - 8, feature two groups of books.  There is Red Maple fiction and Red Maple Non-Fiction.  They can be found on the table at the south end of the library on the table.  Look for the white board with the Forest of Reading banner across the top.


Cool Old Stuff

         The "Cool Old Stuff" displays will be running again in 2016-2017.  This past year, there were items from photography, playing music, old Christmas decorations and more.  New themes will be explored and hopefully you will make some discoveries about how things used to be back in the day.