Do all of your assignments in Excel and save the files in your Skydrive account.

  1. A short introductory assignment
  2. Examining the Forbes list of 100 top celebrities
  3. Converting data from Facebook into an Excel spreadsheet
  4. Summarizing the pay of the 100 top celebrities with measures of central tendency
  5. Gender inequality among the 100 top celebrities
  6. Career prospects for NJ residents majoring in sociology and CJ
  7. Examining a hypothetical social security statement
  8. Demonstration of the VLOOKUP command using a Yankees roster
  9. "Damn Yankees": Examining payrolls of baseball teams
  10. Crime rates across places in New Jersey
  11. The (Mis)behavior of rates in small places
  12. Comparing weather across major cities in the United States
  13. Jersey Warming?  Trends in average temperature in New Jersey over 100 years 
  14. History of home runs in baseball and the accompanying articles: (1) and (2)
  15. Returns to college education
  16. Public debts and deficits
  17. Your tax dollars at work: Examining the finances of the US Government over time
  18. Working with percentiles: changes in income inequality in the United States
  19. Who admits to cheating on their spouse?
  20. Introduction to associations: gender and college at William Paterson University
  21. How different are men and women? Examining associations with gender using crosstabs
  22. Learning about global terrorism
  23. Detecting patterns using the CHITEST function
  24. Calculating your grade in Sociology 211
  25. Introduction to scatterplots -- looking at the relationship between our parents' height and our own height
  26. Beer and GPA: creating a scatterplot using some fake data
  27. Scatterplots, regression lines and correlations: prices and age of used cars
  28. Scatterplots, regression lines and correlations: condominium prices
  29. Scatterplots, regression lines and correlations:  on data of your choice
  30. Review the work we have done with a fun assignment about RateMyProfessor!
  31. Exploring the World, Part 1
  32. Exploring the World, Part 2
  33. Predicting the winner of an election
  34. A short assignment demonstrating the IF function
  35. Calculating the average number of opposite-sex sex partners for men and women
  36. Review assignment: questions 1 & 2
  37. Review assignment #2