We give thanks to the Father through Messiah for His various blessings, including providing us with a wonderful worship location!


• America & people in other countries during present sufferings - especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

• Today's youth throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions, including recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups.

• Flood, tornado, and earthquake victims all over the world, as well as the poor and down trodden here in our own country.

• Spiritual guidance for our minister to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will always.

Please continue to keep in prayer the folks on our Prayer and Fasting list in Love Mission under Projects / Events

09/24/17 - 09/30/17









09/22/17 - 09/23/17


Darla gives praises to God for all the love in her life from her church family!

Doris C gives praises to God for giving her enough energy to be at church today!


• Betty H asks prayer for Junior's son, Allen Hamlett, who had ventral & inguinal surgery Thursday. He had surgery at 2:30 PM and they sent him home at 6:00 PM. Betty is very worried that he may get chemical pneumonia due to the fact that his lungs were not exercised.

• Glenn & Rebecca Hollon’s grandson Conner [COG Cincinnati] has had his hand seriously injured in a garage door. He is being rushed to the emergency room of the hospital. Please pause and pray that God will mitigate the injury, ease the pain, and that there will no lasting damage to the hand.  Also please pray for the whole Hollon family as it seems the evil adversary has them in his cross-hairs and is targeting them physically.

• Continued prayers of complete healing for Rebecca Hollon battling cancer.

Mike Mayfield countnues to have health issues and will not be able to attend the Feast. He just had a CAT scan and they are awaiting results. Please keep him in prayer.

• Darla asks prayers for Jamie who is struggling with health issues including headaches.

Bobby Parks for his bad leg which got strained yesterday.

Roger Bright — a good and permanent job for him.

Shayla — continued prayer through her most difficult trials.

Darla asks continued prayer for herself for God’s healing and helping her to be a light to others.

• Jesse prays that Shayla’s car will hold together and not leave her stranded anywhere.

Frank C — continued prayers of healing for his eyes.

Aggie — continued prayers of healing for her eyes.

Francis M — continued prayers of healing for her eyes.

Doris C — friends of her oldest son were falsely accused of child abuse, were arrested and their child put into DSS, and asks prayers for this family that God will intervene.

09/17/17 - 09/21/17


• Ed Martell is recovering well. His double angioplasty has resulted in improved blood flow to his feet.  Recovery is slow, but the news is positive.  He will continue with follow up visits and has plans to attend the Feast.  After returning from the Feast, he will undergo skin grafts.  His daughter Tiffany wants to extend thanks to all who have been praying for him.

• A happy update on Addison Capps the little girl who was in a cast and unable to walk for so long. She is doing so much better, she is able to walk 15 steps without assistance. Her physical therapy is going very well. She is in kindergarten.

• Rebecca Hollon is feeling better after being hospitalized and having many brethren pray for her!

Darla gives God praises for today and what it signifies and for His Spirit to be among us!

• Betty H’s granddaughter Kristin Lange who just moved here got a job!

Dalena gives praises to God for her school this semester going so very well! She also gives thanks for God helping her to find peace!

• Doris C reports that Frank had a stress test this morning and he passed it with flying colors! Her youngest son & wife had to go to court this week and the judge gave them full custody of them!

Doris B gives praises that she is able to worship, fellowship & eat with us today!

Irene gives thanks to God for this congregation and her ability to be able to come here!

Gloria give thanks she was able to help move her mom Kay to her new husband Ben’s house!

Rose Little gives praises to God for the various jobs she has now which she enjoys!


Rebecca Hollon has been suffering with stage 4 cancer for 7 months. Last week was the worst it has been since her diagnosis, suffering with severe pain and vomiting. She has spent the last several days in the hospital. As noted above, after her care there and much prayer, she is now feeling better! Please continue prayer for total healing.

• It is with very heavy hearts that we tell you of the passing of James McNaughton.  You may remember that his wife, Peggy, passed away last month. They sleep together now and await the Kingdom. James and Peggy were members of the Living Church of God in Charlotte, N.C.  Please keep their children and grandchildren in prayer as they have lost both parents in a very short time.

• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her son, Russell Habighorst, for personal reasons.

• Betty asks continued prayers for Nina Hammett who has been diagnosed with an “incurable” form of blood cancer and will have an open heart surgery to help her feel better, although was given only a few more years to live.

Frank C — continued prayer for healing of his eyes.

Aggie J — continued prayer for healing of her eyes.

• Dalena’s mom Joy Etcheson had throat cancer which has been in remission since 2014, and now thinks she may have oral cancer. She will be going to her doctor on Oct 16.

• Darla asks for continued prayers for various unspoken things for her family and for God to provide Roger the perfect job for him. She also asks prayers for God to continue healing her.

• Tom P asks prayers for all those not able to attend a fellowship. Darla adds likewise for all those not able but longing to attend a Feast site.

• Junior’s son, Alan Hamlett, having surgery today for a double hernia.

Melanie Selent has an appointment next tuesday for her chronic back pains which have been worsening.

• Carl Nix asks for continued prayers for all those who have been severely hit by various national disasters.

• Darla asks prayers for all those preparing for hosting the Feast.

• Continued prayers for Dalena with regard to missing school for Sabbath & Feast days.

09/10/17 - 09/16/17


• Betty Hamlett's great granddaughter, Pearson Grace Acker, was born Thursday morning @ 8 # 3 oz, and mom and baby are doing well!

• Rebecca Hollon received a very good report that her cancer has not grown at all!

• Darla gives praises to God for the wonderful spirit at church today after a couple very difficult weeks!

• Betty H’s granddaughter Kristin Lange moved here with her kids and most likely already found a job!

Dalena give praises that school is going awesome & that the kids are doing good!

• Dianne’s granddaughter Dakota got married today!

Michelle gives praises that her family in FL survived the hurricane and suffered very little damage to their property!

Robert G gives praises to God that no trees came down on his property during the storms!

Michelle gives thanks that power outage gave her a break from work this week!


Betty Hamlett asks prayer for a possible kidney problem. She Wednesday to the doctor to see what may be wrong.  UPDATE: all tests reported great!

• Roger and Darla Bright ask prayer for a job that Roger has applied for. It is a great job and would not physically hurt Roger's back and shoulder.

• Please pause to pray for young miss Abby Miller (SDCA Knoxville; Audry Bost’s granddaughter). Her mom, Cheryl requested prayer for her today as Abby is sick in bed with a high fever, headache, and stomach ache. She woke up early this morning in tears. Abby is scheduled to be a part of the wedding party this Sabbath afternoon for her sister Sarah's wedding. Say a prayer for Cheryl Miller as well. She reports that she has been sick off and on for about a month and is under extra stress with preparing for her daughter's wedding.

• Freda Hammond has asked prayer for her neighbor and friend, Linda Foreman, she is battling cancer and the doctors have found additional tumors in her lungs. 

• Betty Hamlett has asked prayer for her granddaughter, Kristin Lange, for personal problems. (UPDATE above!)

• Betty H also asks prayer for her daughter, Alice, who has a sinus infection.

• Aggie asks prayer for James McNaughton who has been taken to the hospital. The doctors believe it is sepsis. James's wife, Peggy, passed away last month, James is having a very hard time.

• Betty H asks continued prayers for Nina Hammett who has been going under various tests and things don’t look good!

• Betty H also asks prayers for her son Alan Hamlett for a double hernia operation this week.

• Phil E’s friend Scott Nevin whose mother owns property near Naples, FL, asks prayers that the property is not badly damaged from the hurricane. Phil also asks prayers that Scott will come to know God.

All those suffering from the devastation from the hurricanes.

Bobby Parks pulled something in his arm and is in much pain and in need of healing prayers.

• Continued prayers for the Bright family in general, and spiritual guidance and comfort and peace for both Darla & Roger.

• Doris B asks prayers of healing and comfort for her granddaughter Ashley who had recently discovered she was pregnant again, but had severe painful contractions, lost her baby, and will have a DNC this week.

• Continued prayers for Aggie and Frank for their eyes.

• Continued prayers requested for Doris C’s family.

• Continued prayers for Dianne & Gene.

Carl Nix asks prayers for his children for personal reasons.

09/02/17 - 09/09/17


• Ed Szalankiewicz reported wonderful news that his wife Linda is improving greatly!  Her tumor marker numbers are coming down rapidly and she is now more active. They are both feeling so blessed and grateful to God for answered prayer! 

• Freda’s family is in Charleston and is grateful that the hurricane is missing them!

Darla gives praises for God for giving her hope in the face of great tribulation and bringing her through another week!

• Bernard gives thanks for God getting him through a most difficult week!


• Please keep the victims of Harvey in prayer. The devastation in the Houston area is unbelievable and the people there are without so many important items for life. Also keep in prayer those preparing for the devastation Irma will bring and for the victims of the islands it has already hit.

• Continue prayer for the Bright family for comfort and provisions through the major struggles they are currently facing.

• Continued general prayers for Doris Coffman's two sons and their families.

• Continued healing prayers for Frank’s eyes.

• Continued healing prayers for Aggie’s eyes.

Doris B for personal issues.

Bobby & Melissa had major water issues in their house and have had to be digging a ditch around their house to deal with it.

Jamie Bright — financial & personal issues.

Aaron Bright — spiritual guidance & discernment.

• Special prayers for the younger generations for all they are going through right now.

• Healing prayers for Junior & Betty Hamlett.

Roger Bright — various issues.

• LeAnne’s husband’s father had to go to the ER, wherein two conditions were found but is being treated. Please pray for full healing.

• Continued general prayers for Dianne & Gene.

• Continued prayers of healing for Virgil.

• Healing prayers for all those struggling with various addictions, which are rampant.

08/27/17 - 09/02/17


• Betty Hamlett give a praise that her granddaughter, Lisa Hamlett, loves her new job as school nurse.

• Betty Hamlett's grandson, Nick, and his wife, Alexa, are having a 5th anniversary. They have a baby due in about 2  -  3 weeks.

• Darla gives praise for getting through another week.

• Tom Partridge gives praises that their daughter has a car and has found a job.

Jesse Howell is giving praise that he was able to get a loan for a new car and that he could give Shayla his.

• Danny gives praises that Virgle Prindle is able to be with us today.

• Danny also gives praise that Aggie's eyes are a little better

• DeeDee gives praise for all of the Americans who are pulling together to help take care of Houston. Tx.


• I am so sorry I forgot to post this Sabbath: Delena Nix has asked prayer for the family of a good friend of theirs, Bobby and April. Bobby's father died this past week.

• Continued prayers for all affected by this terrible storm...30,000  people alone without electricity and no hopes of when it will be turned on.  People are just literally trying to keep their heads above water and many have been stranded for days without food.  ....And the looting has begun. 

• James Saunders who has been diagnosed with melanoma is drastically going down hill. He was to start treatments this past week but for some reason it was postponed and there is no real answer as to why by the health officials. The last two days have been really bad and besides the pain and weakness, he is not eating and drastically losing weight. We would ask that you please pray for James at this time and ask God to please intervene if it be His will and relieve James of the severe pain he is presently experiencing. The prognosis is not good at all but his spirit and will is still there but it is taking its toll on him physically.  (He is a long time COG member, currently with CBCG and head of the ministries in Canada.)

• Please continue prayer for Betty Hamlett's friend, Nina Hammett. She is facing heart surgery in the very near future. It has been founf that  Nina has myeoldsadia, a type of blood cancer.

• Please continue prayer for the Bright/Morgan Family for a myriad of things. Lift them up to our Gracious God for healing and continued help. 

• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for Junior's son Allen who will have double hernia surgery on the 21st of September.

• Darla Bright asks prayer for unspoken requests. Also for Frank's eyes and Doris children.

• Phil Edmondson asks prayer for Della Griffith who has leukemia.

• Doris Beall asks prayer for her daughter, Cindy, who is upsetting her a lot. Doris needs needs prayer to deal with her.

• Gene Sain asks prayer for his sister, Erlene Hefner, who has a brain tumor. Also  for her husband, Glen's gallbladder is full of stones ans he must h ave surgery on September 19th.

• Danny asks prayer for all of the victims of Harvey.

• Tom asks prayer for all the Montana into Canada fire victims

Betty Hamlett asks prayer for the people of Bangladesh which is under water at this time.

08/20/17 - 08/26/17


• Bernard gives thanks to God for making it possible for him to see the eclipse in its totality!

• Bernard gives thanks to God for helping him get through a most difficult week!

Betty H’s grandkids are moving Vermont back home next week!

Darla gives praises to God for the massive prayers that have been answered for the Bright family this week!  Also gives thanks for the encouragement her brothers & sisters in Christ give her!

• Tom & DeeDee give thanks that Colleen got a job!

DeeDee’s knee is doing much better!

Virgil is feeling much better again and thanks for all our prayers!

DeeDee gives praises that the fall holy days are upon us!

• Jesse also gives thanks for a variety of blessings and prayers answered this week!


Ed Martell from Ohio has had wounds on the bottom of his foot that have not healed since Father's Day.  He's been going for Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy sessions m-f for two hours and that has not helped yet.  This past Friday, he underwent surgery were the vascular surgeon performed two angioplasties.  He now has blood flow down to his foot and we pray it's enough to heal and that his foot and leg may be  saved and he will not need an amputation.  Of course, it will take 3-6 weeks to see if surgery helped.   

• Michael Deering reports that he has had no updates regarding Prasad Deering Gampala’s recovery since his motorcycle wreck. Michael explains: One of the difficult attributes of serving brethren in the third world is that there are times of no communication. Further, doctors are considered “gods” there, and low caste people are not permitted to ask them questions. They will simply be treated without any understanding of what is going on with them, or what treatment they are undergoing and why. I got to experience myself that aspect firsthand when I was there in 2015. Please join me in praying that our brother in the faith would be treated respectfully and given the best possible care.

Dina Spano was bitten by a tick and now has a rare blood parasite disease. She is five months pregnant. They moved her to a second hospital because the first hospital couldn't help her. She had a blood transfusion in and did better but last night she was rushed back to ICU and is having another transfusion. She is given up and does not want to stay awake anymore. She has an eight-year-old son from her first marriage and she's five months pregnant. We will be praying but she needs all the support she can get.

• Please pray for the residents of Texas who are in the path of the Hurricane and all who may be affected. May God protect them. Peggy Wooten asked prayer for her children who live in Dallas.

• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her three grandchildren who are headed back to college.

• Bernard asks prayers for the family of Zak Miller, audio engineer & voiceover talent, who died early this week from an unexpected heart attack.

• Betty H’s neighbor’s daughter, Nina Hammett, hemoglobin is very low and they are not yet sure what is causing it.

• Darla asks prayers for Vickey Moulin who is struggling with kidney stones.  Also asks prayers for all of God’s children who are going though serious trials.

• Kaye Bush asks prayers for her son, Curtis Bush, who had to go to the emergency room this week with uncontrollable diarrhea trying to figure out what is causing it.

• Danny asks prayers for James Pollite, minister of a CGI, KY group, who recently had a neck artery cleaned out and continues to have a very difficult time breathing.

• Phil asks prayers for America, that God will change the hearts and minds of those causing division.

Aggie went to the eye doctor due to troubles with drying. Please keep her in prayer for complete healing of her eyes. He eyes are 20/80 both.

• Continued prayers for Jordan, and also for Gene & Diane.

• Continued prayers for Doris C’s children.

• Continued prayers for healing of Frank C’s eyes.

• Healing prayers for both Bobby & Melissa.

• Jesse asks prayers of comfort and peace for his loved ones going back to school who might be having some difficulties adjusting.