We give thanks to the Father through Messiah for His various blessings, including a wonderful worship location


• People in general during these present sufferings — especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

• Youth throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions, including recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups.

• Victims of natural disasters and the poor and down trodden here and abroad.

• Spiritual guidance for our minister to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will.

Bobby and Melissa Parks - Ongoing illness

• Virgil Prindle - Cancer

Jamie Bright and Family

• Aaron Bright - Emotions

Please keep in prayer all those in Love Mission efforts (under Projects / Events).

PRAYER REQUESTS 08/12/2018 - 08/19/2018
 Aspen Kelly a 12 year old girl fighting against Leukemia has asked for post cards be sent to her for her birthday. Her address is : POBOX 822 - Watonga Oklahoma - 73772      (Constance neglected to tell us when her birthday is but I'm sure she will love cards no matter.)
• Sharing sad news today by forwarding this email. Young Hannah Foy was killed in an auto accident on Friday. Please remember her family and friends in prayer as they face this tragic time in their lives.  Her mom and dad are Brian and Jennifer Foy  Thanks for pausing to pray.
• Betty Hamlet's great-granddaughter Izzy has been in the hospital with pneumonia, she was a very sick young lady (this was Sunday afternoon). She is doing much  better now and can go home tomorrow (Wednesday).
• Alice Hill (Betty Hamlett's daughter) has requested prayer for Christie Parker who is having double lung transplant 
• Friends and Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your prayers for me [Ken Swiger]. Some of you have reached out to me about the results of my follow-up doctor's visit yesterday morning. This email is to let everyone else know how it went.This gastroenterologist imaged the tumor with both standard endoscopic camera and ultrasound. She stated that she thinks the tumor is "too small" to remove and suggested we let it grow a couple of years and check it again. Since I had a large cancerous tumor removed (along with a third of my stomach) last summer; I am inclined to NOT take her advice. I truly do not understand her logic. I told her that if I have to undergo stomach cancer surgery again, I would like it to be done while it is small, and via endoscopic means, or maybe laproscopic, instead of having my belly split open again.She did confirm that the tumor is in the stroma, [the stomach lining] and not inside the stomach itself. That part is the same as last 
year. However, this tumor seems to have grown very quickly. They tells me GIST [gastro-intestinal-stromal-tumors] are notoriously slow-growing. However, this one was NOT imaged in December or February and is already as big as an aspirin tablet.So, it is a waiting game as I will be seeing my regular G.I. doctor again on September 7th. I have purposed in my heart and mind to not worry or fret about it as I have given this health issue to God and have no desire to take it back
• Let's keep in  our prayers Frank and Doris Coffman as they travel to Washington State on vacation.

 Praise to our God, little Addison, the young girl we have been praying for almost since she was born due to the fact that she has lived most of her life in braces and head contraptions,  has started school.  She is still on crutches but she is there and it takes a lot of courage on her part. She is a very courageous little girl and has taken all of her physical problems with a smile.
Bernard's eye surgery went well. We are all so very happy for him and thank God that things went well.
Ina Stevens says that she cannot even tell she took the new medicine. Praise God.  (chemo pill)

 PRAYER REQUESTS AND UPDATES FOR 08/05/2018 - 08/11/2018
• Update on Paul McIntyre: Paul is recovering from his injuries very well. He's so thankful for the love he has received from the brethren, and is glorifying our heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for the peace and comfort They have granted him. He is looks forward to a complete recover and serving Them . Lets continue praying to our Heavenly Father that He provides that for Paul as he moves forward from this tragic ordeal.
• Update on Paul Williams of Greensville, SC: Paul is recovering from a successful back surgery and asked that we continue to pray for him to have a complete recovery so he can go back to work. He has not been able to work in some time and is struggling financially to make ends meet. He has two job offers now but is unable to accept them because he is still recovering from the surgery. Please ask our heavenly Father to provide him with a complete recovery.
• Please pause to pray for our sister in the faith, Cheryl Miller as she was in an accident today and has been in the Emergency Room for several hours.
Cheryl was run off the road by a truck that was coming at her in her lane. She went down an embankment and it looks like her Honda minivan will be totaled. The person in the truck did not stop Cheryl has been in a lot of pain as she has a compression fracture in her #12 Thorasic Vertebrae [broken back]. They also were quite concerned about her left lung as it looked like she has a Pneumothorax [collapsed lung]. But a second scan indicated it might be a Pulmonary Bleb (not sa bad, but they can rupture and cause a collapse lung), so they did not put in a chest tube.
For now, they have released her to go home with her promise to go to the UT Trauma Center if she starts having any chest pain or difficulty breathing.
Please join me in praying for Cheryl realtive to the terrible pain from the broken back. She will be out of commission from that for a few days and watched closely. Let's also pray that the damage to her lung does not become a collapsed lung. (Cheryl is Phil Miller's wife and Audrey Bost's daughter-in-law.)
•  Ina Stevens tells us about her test results: Spreading breast cancer cells have invaded my lungs and a place on my left hip. Will be undergoing a chemo regime with pills and an estrogen blocker to shrink the cells. Thank you for your prayers.
• Darla's cousins son is in the hospital in very bad shape. (no details given) Also Darla asks prayer for her brother-in-law who wrecked on a dirt bike and has 3 broken ribs, possible 4 and a broken scapula and lots of road rash.
•  from Constance Corbitt:Please add Linda Sitarski, our sister in Christ, to your prayer lines. She will be traveling to Little Rock, Ark. for a Heart Catheter some time before the FOT. Asking God for favor that she has safe passage there. That the doctors find what they need and everything goes well, that her healing starts now. And that she will be able to attend the FOT
• Freda Hammond prayers for Dana who will be going to the orthopedic surgeon on Monday the 13th of August.
• Doris Coffman asks prayer for safe travels on they trip to Washington State.
• Stephen Glover asks prayer for Veronica Howell. She and Phillip are having a rough time  with settling into their new home.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her son-in-law Steve Acker for personal help.
* Bernard asks prayer for himself as is having lasik surgery Wednesday the 15th of August.

Bonnie DeVaun thanking God for a safe trip to see her son in South Dakota and for the blessed time they had together.
• Doris Coffman gives praise that her daughter-in-law, Micki is home and  doing better. Also that her great-grandchildren are being taken to church now by their aunt
• Betty Hamlett gives praise that having her upper teeth removed was a blessing.
Bernard thanks God that he helped him through another difficult week.
Diane Garrett thanking God for a safe trip through the beautiful mountains on the way here. (Flat Rock, NC)
Robert for the beautiful place he lives. 

PRAYER REQUESTS   07/30/2018 - 08/04/2018

I would like to share an update on Paul McIntyre and his family...
Anna's funeral service was beautiful. There was sadness, yet hope. There was hope in God's promise, that Anna will next awaken in His Kingdom. We will see her again... For now, it was very hard to say good-bye, But God is the great Comforter. He is with us.
Paul was able to be at the service. He had been transferred to a rehab facility the evening before and was transported from there. He was in a wheelchair, with his pain managed. Paul spoke during the service; of Anna and their life together. He appeared strong throughout the service in the chapel, at the graveside, and during the meal that followed, but was ready to get back to the facility and rest after several hours. Paul still has a lengthy recovery ahead. Three months before he can bear weight on his right side as his pelvis heals. His therapy will then change as he can bear weight. He does have two broken ribs as well. Please continue to keep him in your prayers. 
• Pam asks for prayers for all of the children and grandchildren... Athena (Husband-Tice, Daughter-Kyra), Elisha (Husband-Austin), David, Jesse, Laura, Rachel, Sarah... I do not know all of the grandchildren's names, but was blessed to meet a few of them. They are all doing as well as can be expected under 
the circumstances... 
• Ken Swiger - It appears my GIST cancer [stomach] has returned. I will see the doctor again on August 13th and will know more at that time.Thanks for caring and praying.
• Prayers for Ina Stevens as she waits to hear her PET scan results today, pray the results are positive.
• Roger for Lani Filey and family
• Bernard for Morgan, a friend who needs intervention in a custody battle.
• Bernard for himself to have the wisdom and the right words to say and a friends funeral.
• Betty H. for Avon Pfund, who just lost his wife, Florence. He is having a lot of trouble with memory.
• Freda for Dana who is still having a lot of pain. He goes to orthopedic doctor on the 13th.
• Darla several unspoken.
• Aaron Bright for Ivy his boss whose cancer has come back.
• Danny for his cousin Gheislen Mason whose cancer has returned and has metastasized into her colon and lungs.

Roger for Mike Mayfield, his cancer has not spread.
* Betty H. for Mary Wilson, 98, who fell through the floor and into the bathtub without serious injury.
• Bernard for Pastor Andrew Brunson who has been able to move from prison back to his home.

PRAYER REQUESTS 07/22/2018 - 07/29/2018
Please lift up Avon and the family and friends of Florence Pfund. Florence passed away.
• Please continue to pray for Paul McIntyre - On Sabbath Paul was surrounded by family and Church brethren at the Gwinnette County hospital ICU and was in very high spirit. In fact it was inspiring to see the faith and trust he has that God is in charge, and knows what best [even though sometimes we don't understand it but God does not make mistakes in what He allows].Time and chance befalls us all.
*Paul has lots of scrapes, bruises, contusions, and a broken hip in three places that has now been repaired, but want be able to put any weigh on it for three months. However he still needs our prayers that our Heavenly Father provides strength and comfort to keep him in high spirit as he endures and recovers from this tragic ordeal.
*Paul also asked us to on behalf of the driver and 2 passengers in the vehicle that hit them head on. The driver of the other vehicle, who's name is Kerri and is 3 or 4 rooms down the hall from Paul's room, sustained a broken leg below the knee and lots of bruises on her right side from the air bag deployment. Her granddaughter required surgery as a result of the eternal injury she received caused by the seat belt around her mid-section. The other passenger only received some scratches but other wise was not seriously hurt. The brethren visited with Kerri and lifted her and her family up before our heavenly Father that He may comfort them. So please pray for Kerri and her family.
• Funeral Service: Wages & Sons Gwinnett Chapel
Sunday July 29, 2018 12:00pm
Visitation: Wages & Sons Gwinnett Chapel
Sunday July 29, 2018 10:00am to 12:00pm
• Please lift Ina Stevens up to our God for healing. She has lung cancer. UPDATE: Thank you all for your calls, emails and prayers. I went to my oncology doctor who is sending me to get a PET scan with dye and a biopsy. These will determine what kind of cell is involved in the lung nodules. The doctors are concerned that they could be a spreading of the melanoma I had removed in 2009 or the breast cancer of 2010. I am hoping it is just a lung infection that can be made well with antibiotics or one that disappears because of your prayers. Either way, thank you for your continued love and care. I will need it to get through this. Have a good Sabbath. Ina
• I, Ken Swiger, have been experiencing frequent unexpected nose bleeds (I currently have my nose packed as I type this) and I would appreciate your prayers for that to stop. I had a surgical procedure last year to try to put a stop to the nose bleeds; but they seem to have returned. I found out today that I will be having an EGD endoscopic ultrasound on Tuesday, July 31st to explore the small tumor in my stomach.
From Pam Nolan: I would like to, once again, ask for prayers on behalf of my parents. My Mom, Jo Morris, is scheduled for a couple of procedures next month. One is a removal of a lump on her upper arm and the other is surgery to remove a very painful bone spur on her foot. My Dad, Gene Morris, is scheduled for a reverse total shoulder arthroplasty. There were some issues the hospital's admitting doctor was concerned about when my Dad went for pre-op. He is currently awaiting the opinion of his surgeon in light of the issues of concern. Please pray these issues can be addressed so the surgery can move ahead. This surgery is needed to prevent further loss of mobility in his left arm, and to restore some that he has already lost. This is his "good" arm. There is a possibility the same procedure may be an option to restore some mobility in his right arm, which is fairly limited. Thank you!
• Prayers for Delena Nix who is have a difficult time with pregnancy.
* Darla aks prayer for the healing of Roger's back.
Freda asks prayer for Dana for healing in his hips.
• Robert asks prayer for his wife Judy. She still has not healed from fall a couple of months ago.
• Bernard asks prayer for Ned Perciville, a band member, who is having pain and is suffering from an old injury in his wrist.
• Bernard also asks prayer for the family of Bo Meredith, a dear friend who just died in an auto accident. His other two friend survived.

Betty Hamlett gives praise that her daughter Alice was able to get all of the dental work done that she needed.
• We all give praise to God for Dana Hammond's good results from his bone scan.. It is NOT cancer. He may need a hip replacement but no biggie after the cancer scare.
• Dannygives praise that the Howell's home finally sold.
• Bonnie gave praise that her Dad is with us today.