We give thanks to the Father through Messiah for His various blessings, including a wonderful worship location!


• People in general during these present sufferings — especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

• Youth throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions, including recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups.

• Victims of natural disasters and the poor and down trodden here and abroad.

• Spiritual guidance for our minister to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will.

Please keep in prayer all those in Love Mission efforts (under Projects / Events).


• REQUEST FROM the WILLIAMS FAMILY 9:45 AM: The Williams family has now requested no visitors. They know how many people love Earl and appreciate all of your prayers and kind words but need these final moments with him privately as a family. They wish to thank you for your understanding.


PRAISES 02/19/2017 - 02/24/2017

UPDATES: Joanna Wayne: • Below is an update from Joanna’s Dad, Jordan
Surgery update: Baby Joanna made it through surgery with no issues! Despite being the smallest baby to go through this procedure for Cincy Children’s at 840 grams (I think the record for smallest in the country is 800 grams). Even after seeing the X-rays of them performing it I still can’t believe a procedure like this is even possible on a baby that fits in my hand. Dr. Goldstein sounded very confident in how everything went and how her heart looked post operation. He is a truly amazing doctor. We got to listen to her heart afterwards and it was a sweet sound to hear a normal beating heart for the first time. We got a call from the nurse after the anesthetic wore off. Nurse said she went crazy....we panicked a little bit but appearently she woke up, started kicking sensors off and trying to pull out her tubes like she wanted to go home!! Her oxygen level almost immediately became the best it’s ever been so far and they have been turning her ventilator settings further and further down since! I almost can’t wait to see how she does once she gets a few days under her belt. We are very thankful right now for answered prayers.
• Earl Williams The progress is encouraging. This morning he was talkative, his voice was strong and he was alert. He is eating solid food. The bump on his head resulting from the fall is significantly reduced. He did have a brain bleed and a couple of small strokes. The doctor said the recovery may take a few months. Exact prognosis is difficult but he is expected to regain twenty percent and it’s possible to return to as much as ninety percent of his previous abilities. 

• Betty Hamlett gives thanks that Mary Dale Scott is coming home from rehab after knee surgery.

PRAYER REQUESTS 02/19/2017 - 02/24/2017

• Please continue to pray for Wynn Skelton. 

• Please continue to pray for James Pollitte. 

• Please pray for the family of the victims and the family of the shooter at Benton, KY.  as well as the victims of the Parkland, Fl. shooting.
Continue to pray for Jerry Ellis.

Freda Hammond aks prayer for her son's mother-in-law, Lynn Livingston, she was back in the hospital. She weighs only 82# they inserted feeding  tubes and sent her home. Please raise this sweet woman up for God's promise of healing.

• Baby Joanna Wayne will undergo surgery tomorrow (Tuesday the 20th) to close a valve in her heart. She is now over 2 lbs, her lungs are improving and her kidneys are holding steady. 

• This morning, Sunday, February 18, Earl Williams was being taken from his room at Western Hills Retirement Center to breakfast. The nurse left him alone in his wheelchair for a moment to attend to other duties and he tried to get up and walk. Earl fell and hit is head. We don’t know the extent of the injuries at this time but he has been taken to Mercy West Hospital. Your prayers for this pillar of faith would be appreciated.

• Betty Hamlett asks that we keep Arden Taylor, a minister in God's church in Tennessee, he has not as yet been fitted with his prosthetic  arm.  Betty asks also prayer for Beverly McMichael who has the bug the Junior and Betty had. 

Carl Nix is suffering with stones in his gall bladder which needs to be removed, however, surgery is not possible until his doctor releases him from taking plavix for his heart. Their daughter Amber has the very bad type of flu, she has had a high fever for 3 days. Delena needs prayer also.

* Prayer for good results for Frank Coffman with eye specialist. Doris Coffman has been sick almost all week.  

• Prayers for the family and mourners of Billy Graham.  He has been an icon on the world of christianity for 70 years. 

• Continue prayer for Robert  Gilreath, Virgil Prindle, Jamie Bright and family, Aaron Bright, Bibby and Melissa Parks, Phil Rishel, Phil Edmondson.

PRAISES 02/11/18 - 02/17/18

I was able to go to the Women's Bible Study at church this past Wednesday. My dear sweet friend Betty Simmons came and picked  me up. I was so happy and excited to be able to go. Thank you God for every good thing.  Aggie Jacques

• Praises that Frank Coffman was not hurt when he was involved in an accident today (Friday 16th).

• We have a good report on Ed Martell, Jr.: The prosthetic company examined his wound and found it far better than expected! He'll be going back to his orthopedic surgeon next week, hopefully getting the sutures out and getting the all clear to begin prosthetic walking. He is also now able to get in and out of the car by himself, so there is no need for an ambulance to take him to the doctor. He is still experiencing excruciating back pain, so prayers for his continued recovery are still requested. 

• Doris Beall gives thanks that her daughter, Lori, is doing so well after surgery. Doris also gives praise and thanks that she (Doris)  got a very good job.

•Jesse Howell is thankful he could talk today after experiencing some loss of his voice this week. He is also thankful that his mom is doing so well after surgery.

• Irene Selent is thankful she was able to come to services today after being so sick.

• Irene is also thankful her son's work on campus and for the work being done through the campus crusade of safety. She asks God's blessing for protection.

• Danny Jacques id so thankful that he saw Aggie's hand working and able to type two handed. Also for the wonderful amount of work he has.

• Irene is grateful that she has such a great congregation to meet with. Praises for such good music, fellowship and love.

• Bernard Carman again gives praises fir his new job and how well it is going.

• Aggie Jacques thanks God for their awesome children, Shannon, Royanna and Kyle and Christine for their loving care of her during her resent confinement.

PRAYER REQUESTS 02/11/18 - 02/17/18

* UPDATE: Baby Joanna seems to have hit some bumps in the road lately. The valve in her heart (heart murmur) still hasn’t closed. It’s causing the added stress of fluid buildup on the lungs and kidneys and other areas which is beginning to cause serious problems. We are told that there isn’t much they can do because treating one area detrimentally effects another area (missing a lot of medical terminology in this sentence).  Surgery is possible but extremely risky and best case Scenario would be extremely difficult on Joanna. They are doing one more echo on her heart tonight before consulting with children’s hospital tomorrow. If you could say an extra prayer for her today it would be greatly appreciated. We are doing our best to hold it together, thank you for your support. Sent by Joanna's parents Jordan and Cortney Wayne of the Atlanta Church.

Prayers for the families  of the 17 children and adults killed at Florida High School. Another senseless killing.

• Prayer is asked for Doris Coffman who has not felt well at all  for a couple of days. She had to go to Urgent Care.

Phil Rishel is still in ICU not doing well. The hospital is trying to contact all of his family.

• Betty Hamlett asked prayer for Junior, he coming down with a bad cold and hopefully it is not the flu.

• Additional Update on Baby Joanna: Joanna will be transported to Children’s hospital tomorrow afternoon and surgery will be early next week to fix her heart. They want to do surgery ASAP before her kidneys get any weaker. I will probably update again right before surgery. 

 Carol Truan is facing their second cataract surgery this coming week. Please remember her in prayer.

• Ken Swinger asks prayer for his sister-in-law, Bobbie, who has the flu and has also been told that her cancer is worse. The tumors are growing.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her next door neighbor, Brandon Chavez, who has a slipped disc. Brandon is hoping his insurance will pay for surgery.  Betty also requests prayer for her granddaughter Lindsey Fenish for personal problems.

* Doris Beall is grateful that her daughter, Cynthia,  returned home after being gone for a week due to an disagreement they had.

• Bernard Carman gives praise that Roger Bright is able to attend church again and asks God's protection on Roger at his job.

• Irene Selent requests pray for her daughter Melanie's friend' son who is autistic and in the hospital with the flu.

• Roger Bright asks prayer for Mike Mayfield who is facing surgery on the 25th to remove a kidney due to cancer. Also for Freddie Heraldo's family. His daughter, Michelle passed away.

• Irene Selent requests prayer for Ronnie Pool's family. Ronnie's mom passed away.

• Darla Bright asks prayer for DeeDee Partridge who was unable to be with us today.
• Our congregation asks on-going prayer for the following: Bobby and Melissa Parks, Robert Gilreath, Virgil Prindel, Jamie Bright and his family, Aaron Bright, John and Kathleen Mulcahy, Phil Rishel and Phil Edmundson.

PRAISES 02/04/2018 - 02/10/2018

• Aggie is feeling better and feels that her doctor may finally have found reasons for her very low blood pressure and poor oxygen level. Broken shoulder and arm doing much better.

* Doris  Beall's daughter, Lori, had a successful surgery.

Bonnie Devaun is doing much better. Her home is for sale and she is moving back to her family.

Bernard gives praise that he is starting a 4th part-time job.

• Bernard also gives praise that Linda Robert's leg is continuing to heal.

• Doris Coffman gives praise that her daughter-in-law Mickey is doing much better after surgery.

• Darla gives thanks for Ariel's successful surgery.

• Betty Simmons thankful that her grandson, Alex, loves church so much that he cried when he could not attend last week.

• Jessie Howell is thankful for his mom's successful surgery.

PRAYER REQUESTS - 02/04/2018 - 02/10/2018

•  Skip Martin: I have angioedema, from an unknown substance. In other words, something causes my lip, cheek, or tongue swell. The medical term is "idiopathic angioedema. There have been numerous blood and allergy tests, which don't show anything that I might be allergic to. Sixty-four food allergy tests, and not a single one was I allergic to. However, two tests ruled out hereditary and acquired angioedema. That was very good news, as they could have indicated a serious underlying problem such as cancer. I've decided that this is a good thing, as I am meeting lots of people at the ER. One of the male nurses has played bass for Gary Gasaway, Matt Pierce, and Perry Osborn, who are all friends of mine. Also, I have a free pass to the treatment area without having to stay in the waiting room. All I have to do is stick my swollen tongue out at the receptionist. She says, "You go back there, right now." 

• Aggie Jacques asks prayer for Rebecca Blevins, Peggy Wooten's daughter, she will have gall bladder surgery Thursday Feb. 8th.
• From Barb Williams: We brought Earl last night to the Western Hills Retirement Village for rehabilitation to get stronger. He’ll be here at least a couple of weeks. Thanks for your prayers. 
• UPDATE ON ED MARTELL: We wanted to let you know that the nurse (along with my mom), noticed that the "area of concern" on my dad's wound has gotten worse. The home nurse called the orthopaedic surgeons triage nurse and the doctor wants to see him right away.We are going this morning. Of course, my dad is so scared and upset. Perhaps it's irritation from the cast? He is so fearful of an infection given how the infection went last time...We would greatly appreciate prayers. It would be so glorious for this to be done so he can start to learn to walk again. These set backs have just been constant. His back is "back" to excruciating pain and he fears that means a serious infection has returned. 
• Immediate prayers requested for Phil Rishel who is in the hospital with pneumonia.
• Doris Beall is asking for help in knowing how to handle her bi-polar daughter, Cynthia.
• Betty Hamlett was kept at home this week w ith a runny nose and sneezing.  Hopefully it is an allergy.
Frances Morgan still has a bad cough.
• Doris Coffman asks prayer for her grandson Jason for physical problems and family problems.
• Jesse Howell asks continued prayer for his Mom's complete healing.
• Please continue prayer for the following, God knows the need: Frank Coffman, Robert Gilreath, Roger Bright, Jamie Bright, Aarin Bright, Melissa and Bobby Parks, Virgil Prindle, Darla     Bright,  Phil Edmondson.
Michael and Ericka Deering have been fighting upper respiratory infections as well as the flu. Michael has been dealing with it for several months, now. Ericka’s mom has been in the hospital for problems related to dementia, but we just heard that she is somewhat better now, after some medication changes.
Brother Chitti and Sister Ruth Gampala have been struggling with Typhoid Fever since the death of Brother John Gampala almost two months ago. The last we heard from them, they are still down with it. 
•  Please beseech our heavenly Father to intervene on behalf of 7 year old Kaleb Howell, the son of Philip and Veronica Howell here in Dallas, GA. The Howell family is in need of our intercessory prayers; they are still grieving over the loss of their 14 year old son Preston last month, Now Kaleb their 7 year old has an irregular heart beat and they are very concerned. Please join me in asking our Heavenly Father to intervene with comfort and the strength to endure the trial they are going through right now, and to take away or minimize the effects of Kalebs irregular in the name above all names, Jesus the Christ, our Lord, our savior, and our healer.  Thanks Lemie McGarity
•  Remember that Carol Truan is scheduled to have her cataract surgery on one of her eyes tomorrow, Monday February 12th and Ted Maynard is scheduled to his first cataract surgery on Tuesday February 13th. Let's lift these two spiritual family members up in prayer for safe surgeries and quick recoveries.

PRAISES 01/28/2018 - 02/03/2018

• Baby Joanna continues to improve every day. We are very thankful that there has yet to be a day of regression. This past Sunday Cortney was able to hold her for the first time though she hadn’t even turned 25 weeks old yet. Monday she had her one week brain scan which revealed no bleeding in the brain and was a very good sign towards her full recovery! She is already up to 4 ML of milk every feeding and seems to be handling it well. She has has gained a whole ounce from birth weight, tipping the scales at a whopping 1lb 5oz. Knowing how hard Joanna is fighting is helping Cortney fight as well through all adversities that come from the effects of this difficult situation. Thank you for your continued prayers and support. JoAnna is the daughter of Cortney and Jordan Wayne of the Atlanta church,  We have asked prayer for JoAnna before.

• Danny - Thankful that Aggie is slowly but surely healing and thankful for their children being able to help out so he can work. Danny is also thankful that Aggie talked to her doctor about lowering her med's and it is helping her a lot.
• Bernard - Thankful that God got him through another week.
• Doris B. - Gave thanks and an update that her daughter that we prayed for named Cynthia is pain free.

PRAYER REQUESTS  -1/28/2018 - 02/03/2018

• Ken & Becky Swiger - we were tested for the flu today, but thankfully it came up negative.  Ken is fighting an Upper Respiratory Infection and Acute Sinus Infection. Becky has an infected lymph node behind her ear and is also battling an Upper Respiratory Infection. We appreciate your prayers. 

• Betty Hamlett asks continued prayer for Aggie Jacques who is not progressing as expected.

• Earl Williams was taken to the hospital last night as a result of blood loss.  Today (Friday)  they will do a colonoscopy to determine the source and then give him a transfusion.  We’re concerned about the cause of the problem as well as the blood he will be receiving.  We’re praying that God will heal Earl and protect him from blood that is contaminated.  Earl is such a pillar of faith in the Church of God.  May God deal gently with him and restore him to us.   

* Skip Martin had another angioedema attack Saturday night, and was in the ER till about 2:00 AM. He was given IVs of Benadryl, Pepcid and steroids, and this wiped him out for the rest of the weekend. Please pray God will send him a physician who can figure out what is causing these attacks and actually get to the root cause rather than treating the symptoms with drugs.

• Please continue to pray for Wynn Skelton.  

• Please pray for Dianne Martin.  She had an MRI, and it showed that her back is worse than two years ago.  She may need surgery. 

Betty Simmons, Frances Morgan and Bonnie DeVaughn have all had flu scares and have been unable to come to church.

DeeDee Partridge is unwell and come to church.

* Freda Hammond asked prayer for son's mother-in-law who continues to lose weight, she is down to 91#. She is battling breast cancer.

• Jesse Howell has several unspoken requests as does Darla Bright.

• Doris Beall requests prayer for her daughter Lori who has Lupus and is suffering with chest pain and water on her heart and is having surgery Friday the 9th to drain.

• Danny asked prayer for John and Kathleen Mulcahey. John is very ill with cancer and a broken leg.  Kathleen is breaking down from a full time job and full time care of John. They are friends of the Jacques.

• Aggie asks  prayer for Frank and Doris Coffman. Doris is not feeling well and was unable to come to church.

* Please continue prayer for the following: Robert Gilreath, Virgil Prindle, Roger Bright, Aggie Jacques, Bobby and Melissa Parks who are all in need of healing.