We give thanks to the Father through Messiah for His various blessings, including a wonderful worship location


• People in general during these present sufferings — especially for our persecuted brethren abroad.

• Youth throughout the world who are bombarded with constant deceptions, including recruitment efforts by various terrorist groups.

• Victims of natural disasters and the poor and down trodden here and abroad.

• Spiritual guidance for our minister to serve our congregation in accordance with our Father's will.

Bobby and Melissa Parks - Ongoing illness

• Virgil Prindle - Cancer

Jamie Bright and Family

• Aaron Bright - Emotions

• Mike Mayfield still struggling with cancer

Please keep in prayer all those in Love Mission efforts (under Projects / Events).

• Make Plans Now to Attend the Lexington Winter Family Weekend! December 21-25, 2018


PRAYER REQUESTS 11/11/18 - 11/17/18
• Please let's keep California and the horrendous wild fires in our prayers. 100's of thousands of acres have been destroyed. Thousands of homes have been destroyed. The town of Paradise is completely gone, nothing left. One Grandfather who was away from the home when the fire began was on the phone with his great grandchildren all during the fire which burned their home to the ground.  The children kept screaming "Grandpa come and get us. We love you grandpa, please come, you promised to come and get us." He (the grandpa) talked to the children until they could no longer talk. His wife died with the children. Please pray for all of the families who have lost homes and more importantly loved ones.
•  Please pray for Linda Szalankiewicz as her cancer is now in her liver. Please pray for God’s healing on her. Please also pray for Ed as well. 
• Prayers for little Addison Capps. She had a 45 minute seizure yesterday and aspirated when she had the seizure. She was able to go home from hospital with anti-seizure meds and antibiotics for aspiration pneumonia. She will have brain wave test in Waco, Texas next week. This little girl has suffered more in her little lifetime than any child should have to. Please raise her up to our Healing God.

PRAYER REQUESTS  11/04/18 - 11/10/18

11/06/18 UPDATE: From Sharon Ledy
• We so appreciate the love and prayers. Please continue to pray for wisdom as Eric makes decisions about his continuing treatment.
Kyle had brain surgery last Friday and is currently in rehab for about two weeks. They were unable to remove as much of the tumor as they had hoped. Your continued prayers are so appreciated. 
• Peggy Wooten has asked prayer for her daughter, Anita, who has been diagnosed with spinal stenosis  and neuropathy. 
DeeDee is still suffering with stomach problems.
Doris Coffman has gone to the doctor this morning with pain in her ear and down the side of her face.
• Betty Hamlett's daughter, Karen, is able to go ahead with colon work-up for surgery as she does have 1st stage colon cancer. Praise, however the spot on Karen's kidney is a cyst
• Caroline Bunches husband Norman is having cancer surgery Monday at Vanderbilt Hospital. Prayers for both of them.
• A 2 year old client, Drake O'Sullivan, has a terminal disease. He is looking at long-term antibiotic use. His life expectance is 5 years. Kim asks prayer and healing for Drake.
* Delena Nix is asking God's blessing on her pregnancy.
• Prayers for Robert Gilreath. He was not at church today and we are afraid he may be ill.
• Sherri Wilkes asks prayer for the family of Dennis Straight, a fireman who was directing traffic and was hit and killed. They have not found the person who hit him.
• Bernard asks prayer for Chris and Debbie Swan. Chris may have cancer and is in a bad mental state.
• Aggie aks prayers of blessing for the 5 babies due within our church and families. May they all be born healthy.
* Danny asks prayer for the families of all those killed and injured in the California Bar shooting.
• Horst asks prayer for 3 young couples beginning a home Sabbath church. Blessings on their efforts.
• Sherri Wilkes asks continued prayer for Jeremiah, her son, as they await the answers from the testing done a week or so ago through surgery.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for the family of Emma, last name not known, a crossing guard at the school who was hit and killed.
Roger Bright is still sick with stomach issues.
DeeDee Partridge is still sick with unknown stomach issues. 

Betty Hamlett gives praise that Nina Biagotti has had extensive lab work done and it looks like she will be able to receive a bone marrow transplant.
• Sherri praises that her friend finally got out of an abusive situation.
• Kim Selent gives praise that Drake O'Sullivan is out of the hospital and able to move around a little bit.
• Kim also thanks everyone for the prayers for her over health issues over the years.

10/29/18 - 11/03/18

Update on Eric Ledy from his father Jeff

Thanks so much for your prayers and responses to our updates and prayer requests. We are humbled and overwhelmed by the outpouring of love we have received.

Eric’s condition and our evaluation of action is moving at warp speed.We talked at length this morning with an alternative therapy options Dr. in Mexico. Based upon Eric’s bone cancer, bone break, tumor size (he read all the pathology reports), even the alternative therapy Dr. in Mexico believes amputation is in Eric’s best interest. Therefore, Eric has decided to proceed with the amputation of his left arm. It will occur today at 2:00 PM, Nov 1st here in Austin. Once Eric is cleared to leave the hospital Eric will be traveling to Mexico to accept alternative therapies. With the guaranteed organ damage, a 33% effective rate and a 50/50 chance of making it to 5 years with a limited quality of life by doing chemo, Eric has decided to go the alternative route in lieu of Chemotherapy.
A group of us are gathering tonight to pray over him. He is at peace with his decision. We still wish for divine intervention and will pray for that up to 2:00 tomorrow. Once Eric is cleared to travel he will go to Mexico for three weeks of treatment to rebuild his body’s defenses to try to keep the cancer cells from taking residence in his lungs or other organs.
We will keep you posted. Please continue praying for his peace and acceptance of this course of action.  All our love to all of you  Jeff
•UPDATE: Eric's arm has been successfully removed and all went well.  
• More heart breaking news for the Ledy Family: Jeff's nephew, Kyle is his brothers son, is going in for brain surgery due to cancer.

Betty Hamlett writes, My oldest daughter, Karen Rogers, was being worked for gastric bypass surgery because of her morbid obesity. During the work-up she was required to have a colonoscopy. 2 polyps were found, one about the size of a golf ball. After biopsy was diagnosed as stage 1 colon cancer. Bypass surgery was cancelled as docs decided She was a poor surgical risk. She is now being worked for colon surgery & possible chemo as they have also found a suspicious lesion on one of her kidneys. She is 63. Prayers needed.
• The old saying is true in this instance, "when it rains it pours". Jeff Ledy's nephew, Kyle Ledy, is having brain surgery due to cancer. Kyle is the son of Jeff's brother.
• Aggie asks prayer for their friends and neighbors, Kathleen and John who are having a very hard time with John having 4th stage cancer, broken hip and unable to walk. Kathleen is working a full time job and is John's caretaker. 
• Freda asked prayer for her granddaughter who just moved from her home to her own apartment for the  first time. Freda asks prayer for wisdom n making choices.
• Michelle for Sydney who is making wrong choices and needs prayer for the whole Iberra family for peace.
• Doris Beall for issues in her family.
• Darla for DeeDee who is sick and unable to come to church.
• Danny for Roger who has a stomach virus.
• Doris Coffman for Frank who is having hearing issues.
* Aggie for Carl and Delena to be lifted up in prayer.
* Doris Coffman for her son James.

Doris C praises that she and Frank could come to church today.
• Danny thankful for a beautiful and safe trip for their granddaughters wedding.
• Jesse fell off a ladder and it actually made his hip better.

PRAYER REQUESTS 10/21/2018 - 10/27/2018
 • We’d greatly appreciate being able to express Great Thanks to all who have prayed for our dear daughter-in-law Carrie. She is now out of pain awaiting a glorious Life. Please remember our son, Jacob, granddaughters Elisabeth and Eden, her Mom Pam and all who loved her for our Father God’s best comfort and encouragement. Sue, John & Carol Harry   (Darla) We prayed for this young family back in September when there was nothing but palliative  care left for Carol. It seems God did not et her suffer long.
Eric Ledy, son of Jeff and Sharon Ledy, has been diagnosed with cancer. They are awaiting test results to determine type and stage of the cancer but it is likely he will lose his left arm and need to undergo chemo and radiation. Eric is just 30 years old. The symptoms came on very suddenly and this is all so much to take in.
Please pray for God's merciful healing as well as wisdom and peace for Eric and the whole family. -- 
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer for her daughter Karen Rogers. After a colonoscopy she has been diagnosed with Stage 1 colon cancer with questionable lesions on a kidney. Since she weighs 351 lbs.  she is a bad surgery risk. They are scheduling for a bowel resection and kidney surgery within the next couple of months and possible chemotherapy afterwards.
• Darla - Bobby Parks has strep and Melissa is not feeling well.
Bernard - Needs prayers for uplifting.
Doris B. - Serious family issues and needs prayers for strength to able to deal with it all.
Irene S. 1.) Daughter Kim is sick and prayers for Kims spirit to find rest and peace. 2.) Neighbor is a widow and moving to Kentucky to help her daughter who is going to rehab for 18 months. 3.) Prayers for herself to Canada for hers moms birthday, and for the trip for Melanie and Kim to go well as they are going with Irene.
• Horst S - Cousins wife sister who lives in Florida for her body to respond well from the kidney transplant.
• Bernard - Prayers for safe travels to Kentucky for Wavy Deerings wedding.
• Darla - Several unspoken.

• Horst S. - Cousins wife had a kidney transplant.
• Chloe - Accepted into a Master Program at Western Carolina. Starting in Jan.
• Doris B. - Praise for the sun shinning.
• Irene S. - Praise that Danny and Aggies passport arrived in time for grand daughters Wedding.

PRAYER REQUESTS10/14/2018 - 10/20/2018
Vickie Mouland has asked prayer for her husband Dennis. He has kidney stones, one as large as a quarter. They will do later surgery at a date not yet set.
* The situation just got worse for Christian mom Asia Bibi. As they await answers form the Supreme Court's, angry Islamic radicals are demanding she be hanged.BiBi is the mother of 5.
• Junior Hamlett not doing well at all, having bad stomach problems and isn't eating or drinking. He has lost 7 pounds.  Continued prayer please   Update:  He is eating a little now and feeling some better.
Frank Coffman is in the hospital with pneumonia. He has been there since Tuesday when Doris had to take him to the emergency room. Update: Just heard from Doris, Frank will be staying in the hospital at least through the Sabbath.
• I would like to ask for your prayers on behalf of my sister, Jennifer Thomas. Jennifer was t-boned on her way home from work tonight. She is currently in the ER. She called our parents after the accident and was out of her car, able to walk around. Please pray all the tests come out okay. Jennifer is still suffering from issues she sustained a couple of years ago, when she was rear-ended. Thank you! Love and blessings, Pam Noland
It's an ultimatum: Boko Haram has promised to kill a Christian teen held captive this month.  A 15 year old Christian girl - a child - was abducted and is being help captive. Boko Haram - the Nigerian of jihadist pledged to ISIS - to storm a village and they abducted 110 school girls. Five were killed. 104 were eventually freed. Yet one brave teen named Leah Sharibu remains a prisoner because she will not renounce her Christian faith.  Nigerian Christians are being targeted, abuse, and murdered by sadistic jihadist militias like Boko Haram. Their government seems unable or unwilling to stop this deadly persecution. Please keep this young girl in continued prayer.  Bernard brought this to our attention.
• Please continue prayer for the families who lost someone in the devastation of "Michael" and for all of those left with nothing.
• Danny asks prayer for the Hurricane victims and for a gentleman, Mr. Chestnut, who is on dialysis, has no insurance and lost everything.
Carl Nix, Jr. ask for prayers for unspoken things.
• Doris Beall would like continued prayer for her family
• Freda Hammond for Dana who has a film on his eye that must be removed in a couple of weeks.
• Darla for Caroline Bunch who asks prayer for her husband, Norman, has 2 types of skin cancer malignant melanoma  level 3 and squamous cell cancer.
• Darla for Roger and Aaron who are both sick.

• On Thursday Jeremiah had a cyst removed from his groin. The cyst was larger than the surgeon realized, but other than a slightly larger incision everything went according to plan. They're doing a biopsy and we should hear the results soon. He is recovering well and is starting to get up and move around some.Thank you for checking on him Aggie. And please tell everyone thank you for praying.
• Tom is grateful that DeeDee has had another good day.
• Betty H thankful that Junior is doing much better.
Shayla is thankful that she got a raise.
* Betty H thanks God that her children got back safely from their trip abroad.

PRAYER REQUESTS - 10/07/2018 - 10/13/2018
Please continue prayer for Pastor Andrew Brunson who is still not out of harms way in Turkey. His trial resumes October 12th.
• Betty Hamlett asks continued prayer for Nina Biagotti had her first stem cll treatment and doctor says it is urgent for her to get a donation within the next 3 months.She will be in the hospital 3-4 weeks and in-home isolation in her condo for 4-6 months. She must have a  24/7 caregiver. Her mother will help but she is 87 and it will be very hard. Nina has begun to get her life and personal intentions in order.
• Please keep all of the families devastated by the horrible storm Michael in prayer. Especially those who have lost family and specially the family of the little 11 year old girl who lost her life.
• Betty Hamlett not feeling well this morning was afraid to drive to church.
• Melissa Parks not feeling well this week. Please keep her in prayer.
• Doris Coffman asks prayer for son James.
* Bonnie DeVaun for her son's safety. He drives a big rig in the South Dakota area and weather changes are coming soon. He will face a lot of snow and ice.
• Doris Beall for family issues.
• Diane G. for her son Gabriel having a very difficult time with personal issues.
• Jesse Howell for Jeremiah Wilkes who will have surgery next week. Also for Heather Harrison, her hemorraging has stopped and prayer is for her to be able to deliver her baby safely.
• Betty Simmons for Sammy Joins who was in a four wheeler accident. 
• Dawn Bankson for Lori and Glenn Leslie whose son Grant has a very serious illness. He is mostly bed ridden. They are traveling to Florida for surgery.
• DeeDee for her daughter Colleen.
• Darla for several unspoken.

• Pastor Andrew Brunson of Black Mountain, N.C.is home at last from incarceration in Turkey.
Krissy praise for 3 people in her area who were just baptized .
Tom thanks God that we were not hit by the last two hurricanes other than some rain.
Chloe is very thankful that she has started her new job.
Diane G. thankful for the rain in her area and for safe travels here to have church with us.

PRAYER REQUESTS 09/30/2018 - 10/06/2018
• From John and Carol Harry - Cincinnati Congregation
I am requesting prayer for our dear daughter-in-law, Carrie and our son Jacob and their daughters Eden & Elizabeth. Carrie’s breast cancer has now spread to her brain as well as lungs and bones. There is apparently no treatment except palliative care that they can do for her. I am asking our great God for complete healing as well as comfort, encouragement, strength, wisdom and faith in Him. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate your prayers.
• Betty Hamlett requests prayer for her neighbor Nina Biagotti. Her condition is progressing and she has been put on the National Bone Marrow List. The donor must match perfectly.She has begun getting rid of her things and finding someone to care her dogs. Prayer urgently needed.
• Prayer for Lillian and Jessica Manley for understanding.
• Mike Mayfield will have another pet-scan on November 1st to see if cancer has spread.
• Doris Coffman prayers for her son James.
• Doris Beall for serious issues in her family.
• Betty Hamlett prayers for her granddaughter Leah who spiked a very high BP and was admitted to hospital. she is home now for bed rest.
• Jesse for Jeremiah Wilkes who will be having surgery on the 18th to remove a cyst.
• Jesse also for Tim and Heather Harris who are in desperate need of prayer. 
• Michelle Morgan asked prayer for the Fuller - Sutton Family who lost their son, C.J. who passed away from complications from knee surgery.
• DeeDee for Robert McNunnery who had some type of attack at his home and was hospitalized but is home now.
• Betty Hamlett asked prayer for the family of the police officer who was killed Florence.
• Darla unspoken issues.
• Darla for Melissa Swan who is ill.

Praise that Dana Hammond is doing well. He is walking without a cane or a walker.
• Praise that everyone returned home safely from the FOT
• Ina Stevens shared this update on her treatment:  Great news. Nodules are shrinking, bones seem to be healing. The cancer marker number is down 22 points. blood cell count is good. Thank you so much for your prayers!
* Betty Hamlett thankful she was given the proper medicine to make her feel so much better.
• Doris Coffman thankful she was able to attend services today after such a rough night.
• Bernard  thankful such a healing Feast.

PRAYER REQUESTS 09/25/2018 - 09/29/2018   This will be the last positing until we return from the Feast of Tabernacles.  

• We ask God's protection on each and everyone traveling to the Feast. We also pray that all we have a blessed Feast with a spiritual renewal.
We ask God's protection also on Stephen Glover who is in Kenya ministering to those who so badly need uplifting and encouragement.
• Darla's cousin , Michael Nichols, is in emergency surgery at this time. Prayers for his mother and family for strength.
• Betty Hamlett asks  prayer for Junior. He is having blood sugar and blood pressure problems.
• Doris Beall asks prayer for Virgil Prindle. She spoke with him, he told her he did not have cancer that his problem in nerve endings in his face. Doris also asks  prayer for her family who is experiencing some serious issues. 
• Chloe Bankson requests prayer for her dad's mom who is having congestive heart failure. Her dad is staying with her.
• Bernard has lost another friend. Robin Henson, who we have prayed for many times lost his life to brain cancer.

Betty Hamlett gives praise that her grandson, Zachary, is closing on their house and prayers that the baby they have applied to foster will come through.
• Phil Rischel has been able to go home.
• Bonnie gives praise that she is picking up her 6 year sobriety medal.
• Freda gives praise that Dana received his injection and feels so much better.
• Chloe Bankson got a wonderful job which she will begin as soon as she returns from the Feast.
• Melissa Parks thanks God for this day of fasting and spiritual cleansing which brings about a healthy body.


PRAYER REQUESTS 09/16/2018 - 09/24/2018
I just heard f rom a very dear friend who visits with our group often, Dawn Pearson. She has not been to church since she returned from her vacation due to the fact that her son overdosed and lost his life a couple of weeks ago. Please keep Dawn and her family in prayer
• I am asking prayer for all of those in the path of Florence. I also asked prayer for our son Kyle who refuses to leave the Island to stay and take care of the older residents of the condos who have chosen not to leave. God please protect them all.
• Irene Selent asks prayer for her sister Ava who will undergo wrist surgery on both wrists in November.
• We are all  praying for those who are in the path of Hurricane Florence. 
• Freda asks prayer for Dana Hammond. He received the results of the MRI yesterday (Thursday). They found 3 pinched nerves in his back and some further problems in his hips. For now they are only going to give him cortisone shots.
• Prayers for Robert Gilreath who is coming down with a cold. Whenever Robert catches a cold it turns in to a real battle for him.
Horst Selent is having a very hard time with his eyes. Attending services Trumpets made him very sick.
• Constance Corbitt asks prayer for her daughter, Whitney, she is in extreme pain in her back and in her hip. She cannot walk and her husband had to carry her and put her in bed. 
• A friend of Darla, Kelly Stewert, lost her grandson noah just recently. Please keep the family in prayer.
• Bonnie DeVaun asks prayer for her daughter who has returned to school for her last semester. It will be difficult semester as it will be her clinicals in the ER. 
• Doris Coffman asks prayer for her son James and his family.
• Bernard asks prayer for Chris Swan.
* Tom asks prayer for DeeDee who is sick this week and unable to come to church.
• Danny asks prayer for Aggie who is in some pain from another fall.
• Darla aks prayers for her son Aaron for personal reasons.
• Freda requests  prayer for safe travels for everyone going to Myrtle Beach for the Feast and that all will be ok after the hurricane. 

Bernard thanks God for a better week,
• Doris thanks God that the hurricane came in at a lower category number.
• Danny thanks God that his job situation is working out and also the passport situation is resolved.
• Aggie thanks God that their granddaughter is safe in Myrtle Beach after Florence and also their son Kyle on Daniel Island is safe.

PRAYERS REQESTS 09/10/2018 - 09/15/2018
Paul McIntyre and Family - Paul is currently in rehabilitation center recovering from injuries suffered in an auto accident, and the loss of his wife Anna sustained in the accident.
• Holland Corbitt - Prior work injury flare up. Also pray that he finds a job close to home
Lani Finley – Respiratory ailments
Doris Coffman has had a rash on her ankle for several days. She is going to the doctor today to see what it might be.
 Betty Simmons asks prayer for Michelle she has a stomach bug.
• Rose asks prayer for her friend Elisha who is moving to Spain for safe travels.
• Karen requested pray for her brother who is becoming a muslim. She also prays for Janelle Thomas who follows Beyonce every place she performs.
Thanks to all of you who have been lifting me, Ken Swiger, up in prayer. Here is the latest on my health situation.
The tumor in my jaw is thought to be a non-cancerous "Mandibular Tori". The Oral Pathologist at UT hospital was consulted and decided it was nothing to worry about. My jaw was inflamed after the inside of my jaw was scraped during my second EGD scope. It was very painful for the month of August. That area of gum is highly sensitive and it takes a while to heal. However, I passed a small peace of bone through the hole in my gum and the hole seems to have pretty much healed now.
I saw my gastroenteritis today to review the second EGD [upper GI scope] results. He understands my reluctance to wait 2 years and then look at the tumor again (as was suggested by the other GI doctor) since I had a large cancerous tumor removed last year.
He admitted to me that the other GI doctor could be right in saying that he and the surgeon both just missed this smaller tumor last year. They are having a hard time believing this tumor grew to this size in a matter of months because their training tells them stromal tumors are extremely slow growing. There is very little data available on the growth rate and treatments for this type of tumor because it is so rare. My GI, Dr Ghanta, says he does over 1000 upper GI scopes per year and will see maybe 1 GIST a year.
My GI doctor wants me to check with my oncologist and get him to order a PET Scan to see if we can see the tumor more clearly [and see if there are others that may have been missed].
I will comply with this suggestion as I do not feel inclinded to just wait and watch the growth rate of the tumor. I will likely go the surgery route again and have the tumor removed, but it will need to happen after the Feast and before the end of the calendar year.
As I shared before, I have already given this situation to God and plan to think about it as little as possible. (Although Becky can tell you I was edgy and grouchy today before I saw the doctor. I am thankful for her love and patience.)

•  Since my last update, my dad, Ed Martell,  is now able to get in and out of a car with minimal assistance and most recently, drove again! He and my mom have been working real hard on every day life tasks and after much practice he conquered another task last week with regards to getting himself ready. And, he received his “final” prosthetic. This is great as the temporary one falls off ALL the time and we’re told they just don’t make the temporary ones very good. Additionally, his back pain isn’t as bad as it was. Some days it is, but generally, it has shown some improvement and hopefully it completely heals soon.
 Betty Hamlett gives praises that Ed Martinka's son's family is  getting him help for PTSD.
• Bernard and our whole group give thanks that the wreck he, Dawn and Chloe were in on the way to church was no worse.
• Irene Selent asks prayer for Summer Mouland who was  given medicine by her doctor with devastating effects but she is doing some better.
• Darla gives praise that Junior Hamlett was able to attend church today.

PRAYER REQUESTS 09/04/2018 - 09/08/2018
• Sarah McGuire, a member of the Cincinnati church, asked prayer for her good friend, Jen. A lone shooter came into the 5th 3rd in downtown Cincinnati and shot and killed 3 people and injured several others. Jen, the manager at that bank, was not shot.  She had an employee shot right in front of her. Please pray for Jen and all of the others who were killed or injured.
* Danny asks prayer for the gentleman's family who was shot in a hold up at the Cardinal Drive In in Brevard. He died this week from his injuries.
• Bernard for Nuanna Horne - Heart issues.
• Bernard for Robin Hinson who is still battling cancer.
• Freda for Hurricane Florence coming into Charleston as a category 4. Prayers  for the safety of all God's children in that area. And of course for our families who live in that area.
• For fires out west as well as the earthquakes in Japan.
• Sherry Wilkes for Jeremiah who has a doctors appointment the 20th. She asks prayer for wisdom and guidance on how to move forward. 
• DeeDee for the massive flooding in the north west.
* Doris Coffman for her son James and his whole family especially the Grandchildren.
• Danny for strength to handle the incredible amount of work they have and for  his nephew, Ryan who owns the business, and is not doing well physically.
• Doris Beall for her daughter Lori who is sick and getting very discouraged. (She has lupus).
• Sherry for Donna Douglas who had brain surgery and needs continued prayer.
• Darla for several unspoken needs.
• Bernard for Roger's back.
• Doris Coffman prayers for our countries leaders.
• Bernard for the American people.
• Shayla Morgan for her sister Samantha.
• Jesse for all being attacked  by Satan.
• Jamie put in for another job, asks prayer that God will help him to get it.

Aggie thanks God for the time she and Danny will have to spend with two of their great grandchildren this weekend.  They have not seen them since last October.
• Freda gives praises that Dana made to through the MRI and that the medication is working. Made another appointment for September 13th.
• Tom - Prayers for making it through the week and for a part time job.
• Shayla is glad school is almost finished and she can get started with a Nutritional Degree.
• Sherry praises that Paul McIntyre is doing better and s  going to make it to the Feast.
• DeeDee praises God that her new meds are working and she is feeling better.
• Doris Beall gives praise for answered prayers.
• Doris Coffman praise that Roger was able to come today.

PRAYER REQUESTS 08/26/2018 - 09/03/2018

• My apologies  to Betty Hamlett. She had asked prayer for her self for not feeling well and for Junior whose blood pressure was acting up and I missed it.
Barry Whitlow asks prayer for Jeff Hull who has pneumonia and for Bill Falls who has some form of Leukemia.
• Freda asks prayer for Dana who will have an MRI on Thursday the 6th to make a determination as to what might be wrong with Dana's back/hip that he is  in so much pain. Let's ask God for relief of pain for Dana.
• Robert Gilreath requests prayer for safe travels for his wife Judy. She will be traveling home from Tn.
• Darla asks continued prayer for Roger with his back pain. 
• Aggie asks prayer for safe travels for Bernard who is on vacation.
• Sherry Wilkes asked prayer for her cousin's family. He was addicted to drugs, robbed a drug store, was in an accident and committed suicide this week.

• Doris Coffman gives praise that she was able to be excused from jury duty.
• Betty Hamlett gives praise that Ina Stevens chemo has begun and with no side effects.
• Tom says "praise the Lord for Frank". 
Betty Hamlett gives praise that she is feeling better and is very thankful for everything.
• DeeDee Partridge gives thanks for Kyle and Sherry making it to church, they had us a little worried. She is also h happy that Tom figured our the computer so we could have music in the absence of Bernard and Roger.

Darla updates us on her cousin Michael Nichols. He has been moved to a hospital in Charlotte, N.C. Someone noticed how poorly he was doing where he was and made the move for his well being and healing.
Darla updates us on herself telling us that the doctors found all of the tests they did  last week were negative.
• Betty Hamlett asks prayer Brandon Martinka, an ex military gentleman, has PTSD , yesterday he took and overdose of pills and is in the hospital in Texas on  life support. Brandon is the son of a very dear friend of Alice, Betty's daughter.
• Betty also asks  prayer for Linda Martinka who had diabetes, has had a stroke and kidney removal due to cancer.
• Danny asks prayer for Melba, a radio prayer friend, who is recovering from colon cancer.
• Let's remember Betty Hamlett, she is very dizzy this morning and is experiencing nausea. 
• Freda asked  prayer for Dana as he is still in a lot of pain.
• Doris Coffman asks prayer for her son and daughter-in-law, James and Micki.
Bernard asks prayer for Nuanna Horne who is suffering mini-heart attacks. 35% of her hearts not working at all. Looking at getting a pacemaker or a heart transplant.
• A friend of a friend of Bernard whose wife is seriously ill and has been taking care of her, passed away himself. We ask prayer for her.
• Sherry Wilkes asked prayer for Paul McIntyre. She noted that the Myrtle Beach Feast site will be sadly lacking and missing Anna.
• Sherry also asked for healing for her son Jeremiah.
• Darla requested prayer for Roger who is down in his back again.
• Bernard for Debbie and Chris Swan for guidance through great turmoil

We've heard from Barb Withrow who says that Fred is doing well, and they are hoping to Feast locally this year. They appreciate everyone's prayers, and continued prayers are welcomed.
Doris Coffman gives praise that she and Frank made  it to Washington and back without incident.
Bernard gives praise for getting through another very  difficult week.

PRAYER REQUESTS 08/12/2018 - 08/18/2018
 Aspen Kelly a 12 year old girl fighting against Leukemia has asked for post cards be sent to her for her birthday. Her address is : POBOX 822 - Watonga Oklahoma - 73772      (Constance neglected to tell us when her birthday is but I'm sure she will love cards no matter.)
• Sharing sad news today by forwarding this email. Young Hannah Foy was killed in an auto accident on Friday. Please remember her family and friends in prayer as they face this tragic time in their lives.  Her mom and dad are Brian and Jennifer Foy  Thanks for pausing to pray.
• Betty Hamlet's great-granddaughter Izzy has been in the hospital with pneumonia, she was a very sick young lady (this was Sunday afternoon). She is doing much  better now and can go home tomorrow (Wednesday).
• Alice Hill (Betty Hamlett's daughter) has requested prayer for Christie Parker who is having double lung transplant 
• Friends and Prayer Partners,
Thank you for your prayers for me [Ken Swiger]. Some of you have reached out to me about the results of my follow-up doctor's visit yesterday morning. This email is to let everyone else know how it went.This gastroenterologist imaged the tumor with both standard endoscopic camera and ultrasound. She stated that she thinks the tumor is "too small" to remove and suggested we let it grow a couple of years and check it again. Since I had a large cancerous tumor removed (along with a third of my stomach) last summer; I am inclined to NOT take her advice. I truly do not understand her logic. I told her that if I have to undergo stomach cancer surgery again, I would like it to be done while it is small, and via endoscopic means, or maybe laproscopic, instead of having my belly split open again.She did confirm that the tumor is in the stroma, [the stomach lining] and not inside the stomach itself. That part is the same as last 
year. However, this tumor seems to have grown very quickly. They tells me GIST [gastro-intestinal-stromal-tumors] are notoriously slow-growing. However, this one was NOT imaged in December or February and is already as big as an aspirin tablet.So, it is a waiting game as I will be seeing my regular G.I. doctor again on September 7th. I have purposed in my heart and mind to not worry or fret about it as I have given this health issue to God and have no desire to take it back
• Let's keep in  our prayers Frank and Doris Coffman as they travel to Washington State on vacation.
• Danny asks prayer for a man who was shot in a  robbery in Brevard yesterday. (Friday)
• Bernard for Pastor Brunson who has still not been released from prison in Turkey.
• Freda for Dana who is still in a lot of pain. He had a steroid shot Monday last but it has not helped.
• Tom for DeeDee adjusting to a new journey. Physically, spiritually, mentally and needs guidance and direction.
• Darla for Michael Nichols for healing.

 Praise to our God, little Addison, the young girl we have been praying for almost since she was born due to the fact that she has lived most of her life in braces and head contraptions,  has started school.  She is still on crutches but she is there and it takes a lot of courage on her part. She is a very courageous little girl and has taken all of her physical problems with a smile.
Bernard's eye surgery went well. We are all so very happy for him and thank God that things went well.
Ina Stevens says that she cannot even tell she took the new medicine. Praise God.  (chemo pill)
• Freda  praises for her family who have made her life so full of joy and for Dana who is such a good man.
• Darla for Melissa and Bobby being able to attend today.
* Tom grateful that he and DeeDee still have a journey to be on.