Fellowship Of The Bow - Field Archery and Friendship

Why Field Archery?

Field Archery is essentially a form of simulated hunting with a bow and arrow.
It usually takes place on a course set out in a woodland environment, and not a flat open field as its name might suggest! 
Field Archery courses are designed to challenge archers by incorporating the various natural lighting conditions, water features, wind exposure, slopes and angles present in what can be, at times, quite rugged and challenging terrain with the objective of testing the skill and field craft of the individual archer.
On a field course the targets set out range from 2-D paper targets, with specially designed roundels or animal graphics, to full sized 3-D replicas of animals, set at either marked or unmarked distances.
Field archery is certainly a more physically demanding activity than target archery which, confusingly, actually takes place in a field!

Don't let that put you off though as it's a sport enjoyed by people aged 9 to 90, novice to master, male and female and its ceratinly a very social sport despite its competitiveness.  

A good deal of the enjoyment comes not just from the shooting but from the fine craic, good company, friendly banter, mutual assistance and respect of your fellow archers along with experiencing the great outdoors.

If you fancy trying something different then field archery could be the sport for you... Sherwood green and tights strictly optional !



About Our Club
Fellowship of the Bow is a club that attracts, primarily, experienced field archers keen to shoot IFAA or FITA style field archery events and to try their hand at the occassional Target Archery event.

During the indoor season club members also enjoy participating in Scottish Archery Association indoor shoots, particularly those held in the East of Scotland.

We meet every Wednesday evening  from October to April from 7.30pm at 
Archer's Hall ,
Bucchleuch Street ,
where we have access to the custom built indoor range of the Royal Company of Archers.

From May through to September we practise at Blackford Quarry in Edinburgh on selected dates and participate in organised shoots throughout Scotland, the Rest of the UK and Ireland, even occasionally venturing into European and World Championship events, where some of our members have enjoyed some success in recent years..

Contact us by phone on
 +44 [0]7802 833456
or by email