Name: St.Fellix King´s  ARISTOTELES

Date of birth: 24.05.2007

Sire: ICh Felix Inovec SK

Dam:Bernhardlunden´s Four Leaf Clover

Owner: Ehrberg Marko,Anneli,Anett (ESTONIA)




9 days old


3 weeks old 


 5 weeks old


7 weeks old




We got wonderful present from our new  young friend Anett from Estonia:)

Anett,Anneli & Marko are new proud owner of our small boy Aristoteles.

 Thank you very much for your nice visit in our home!

We wish YOU ALL THE BEST  with Ari & Brenda!



some new pictures from Ari´s new home:)

New best friends :  Brenda, Mommi & Ari

New best friends?:) or new dog-mum:)?


2 sweetest babys in  Estonia: ) Feliks &  Ari

 Ari -5 months old

Ari, Anett & Brenda

Anneli & Ari

 Thank you for all the nice picture and taking so good care about Ari:)!!