Friday Night League

Welcome to the Felixstowe Poker Club League.

Below is a brief of the league structure.

This a 20 week league with an average taken from your best 12 games. Big prizes each week and a guaranteed £100 to the season league winner and free entry into the next Felixstowe Poker Open. End of season final with a guaranteed £500+ to the winner and an estimated £1,000+ prize pool. Guests are welcome for a maximum 5 visits after which they will be required to join the Club to continue playing in the league.
Registration:                   6:45pm – 7:15pm (late players can pre-register by contacting a TD, players who pre-register must arrive by the end of the first break (approximately 8.50pm) and will be required to pay the £20 entrance fee whether they play or not).

Tournament Starts:       7:30pm

Buy-in:                              £20 ( £16 into prize pool, £2 to end of league final, £1 to Royal Flushpot, £1 rake for club equipment)

Chips:                                20k

Prize Structure:               33+ players - pay top 4
                                            13 to 32 players – pay top 3
                                            Less than 13 players – pay top 2                       

End of Season Final:       Minimum of 10 weeks must be played to qualify
                                            Top ten players receive additional chips based on finishing position
                                            Points averaged over best 12 weeks
                                            £10 entry fee which goes straight into the prize pool
                                            Guaranteed £500+ and trophy to the winner of the League final
                                            Estimated £1,000+ prize pool                        
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