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Shalom and Welcome,

My name is Felix Eshed. I am a coins collector from Israel. I collect world coins by type.

I can offer Israel coins, Palestine coins, and various world coins from my double list.


I propose the following trade terms:


1) Honesty. I believe that coin swapping should make both sides satisfied. In case of any kind of mistake, an honest collector should take any reasonable effort to rectify. I promise to do that, and I expect my counterparts to do the same.


2) If I find your name on some black list, there will be no deal.  If you find mine on some black list, please notify me.


3) 1:1 swap ratio for coins cheaper than 1$. For more expensive coins - swap by value. Silver for Silver.


4) Postage by registered mail only. It costs more, but it raises the chances the package will reach its destination.



If you wish to swap coins, or have any comment or suggestion, please don't hesitate to contact me.      My email address is felixeshed@hotmail.com.


Best Regards,




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