Public Talks

Public Talks/Presentations

  1. "Voyage to Antarctica". 6th June 2017, CUPB, Bathinda. Part-1Part 2Part 3
  2. "Floristic diversity of Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica", National Conference on Pola Sciences (NCPS-2017)) NCAOR, Goa (May 16-17, 2017)
  3. "SRFP, DST-INSPIRE IFA, MEXT, ISEA and RTF-DCS". DST-CII sponsored workshop on Outreach Workshop on Prime Minister’s Fellowship Scheme for Doctoral Research, 3rd May 2017. "SRFP, DST-INSPIRE IFA, MEXT, ISEA and RTF-DCS," CUPB, Bathinda  PPT
  4. Science Outreach presentation 10th March 2017 at Maitri station, Antarctica PPT
  5. Science Outreach Presentation 9th February 2017 at Bharati Station, Antarctica PPT

  1. “Subgroup structure of Indian Languages revealed using computational linguistics”, International Conference of Linguistic Society of India at IIT Guwahati, Guwahati, Assam (Nov 10-12, 2016) PPT
  2. International Seaweed Symposium, Copenhagen, Denmark (July 19-24, 2016) "Phylogenetic systematics and diversity of Seaweeds from Indian Coast"  PPT
  3. National Seminar on Gender equality for Sustainable Development”, Central University of Punjab (March 22, 2016) "Linguistic gender in Indian languages and its relation with sex ratio" CUPB, Bathinda PPT
  4. National Conference on New Vistas in Plant and Microbial Sciences, Jammu University, Jammu (March 11-12, 2016) "DNA barcoding of mangrove plants in Sundarban Delta, West Bengal and Payyanur, Kerala reveals hidden biodiversity" PPT

  1. “Tree Of Life: Disentangling the Tangled Bank” at Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore, AP on 17th December, 2015
  2. “DNA Barcoding reveals cryptic diversity of mosses from the springs of Himalayas”, Himalayan Studies Conference, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla on 4th November, 2015
  3. Invited Popular Talk (Rashtriya Avishkar Abhiyan) on “Fascinating world of plants” at Central University of Punjab on 16th September, 2015
  4. Invisible world of marine plants, Delivered at Central University of Kerala on 31st July 2015
  5. Evolution and Humanity, Delivered at Central University of Kerala on 31st July 2015
  6. Invisible World of Marine Plants, Delivered on 18th May, 2015 at CUPB in connection with Fascination of Plants Day
  7. Invited Talk at S. Govt. College of Science & Technology, Jagraon, Punjab on 16th February, 2015 on “Phylogenetic Systematics of Aquatic Plants.”

Older Talks

1. National Conference on Recent Advances in Algology, Mycology and Plant Pathology at University of Madras Guindy Campus; 19-20 February 2014. Invited Talk: “Strong Endemism of Bloom-forming Tubular Ulva in Indian West Coast, with Description of Ulva paschima sp. nov. (Ulvales, Chlorophyta)”
2. National Conference on “Climate Change, Environmental and Sustainable Development” at Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi on 9th-10th December 2013. Oral Presentation: “Sargassum zhangii invades India”
3. 2nd International Conference on "Agriculture, Food Technologies and Environment- New Approaches" (AFTENA- 2013) at JNU, New Delhi, October 2013. Oral Presentation: “Agronomy and cultivation methods for edible seaweeds”.
4. British Phycological Society annual workshop on molecular phylogenetics of seaweeds at Marine Biological Association, Plymouth, United Kingdom 
5. International Algal Summit by Indian Phycological Society), New Delhi, February 2012. Oral Presentation “DNA barcoding discovers substantial divergence within interbreeding populations of green alga, Monostroma (Ulvophyceae)”
6. New Horizons in Cancer Research by American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), New Delhi, December 2011. Poster presentation: Cancer Phylogenetics: Computational Modelling of Tumour Evolution
7. 57th Winter meeting of the British Phycological Society, Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom. January 2009. Supported by student bursary from the BPS (Oral and Poster presentations).
8. XIX International Seaweed Symposium, Kobe, Japan, March 2007. Supported by Japanese Phycological Society grants. (Two poster presentation).
9. 31st Annual International meeting of the Japanese Society of Phycology, Kobe, Japan organized by Japanese Society of Phycology, Kobe, Japan March 2007
10. Marine Botany Summer Course (With scholarship from National Science Foundation (NSF), USA), including attendance in FHL conference 2007. Friday Harbor Laboratories, University of Washington, USA. August 2007.