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Syllabus with Course Contents

LSS.604: Microbiology. Credit Hours: 3. Semester III.

Unit: 1                      FB                                                                                                  16 Lectures

Prokaryotic, Eukaryotic structure and function: Overview and Importance, History of Microbiology, Cell structure and function, Classifications. Bacteria, Fungi, Protozoa, Algae, and viruses, Structure of major viruses, and Viral replication.


Introduction and overview

Bacterial Structure & Function
    Virus World

Unit: 2                      PS                                                                                                  4 Lectures

Growth, nutrition & control: Phases in bacterial growth, Growth Curve, Calculation of G-time, Physical and environmental requirements of growth, Microbial nutritional requirements, Types of culture media. Physical and Chemical methods, Antimicrobial drugs, Antibiotic assays, Drug resistance in bacteria.

Unit: 3                    SB                                                                                                    6 Lectures

Microbial Genetics: DNA replication, Transcription and translation, Operon, Horizontal Gene Transfer.

Unit: 4                    SB                                                                                                    14 Lectures

Applied Microbiology: Environmental microbiology, Microbial ecology, Aquatic Microbiology, Food, Dairy and Agricultural Microbiology, Industrial Microbiology. Major bacterial diseases of animals and plants, Airborne, Food-borne, Soil-borne, Nosocomial and Sexually Transmitted/Contagious Diseases, Principles of disease and epidemiology, Host-Microbe relationship,  Viral pathogenesis, Major viral diseases of plants and animals.Avian Influenza A/H5N1, A/H1N1 Swine Influenza, SARS, AIDS, Japanese encephalitis, Malaria and Tuberculosis, West Nile, Mechanisms of emergence and reemergence.


Download E-Books

Suggested Reading:

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2.         Capuccino, J.G. and Sherman, N. (2004). Microbiology-A Laboratory Manual. Benjamin Cummings, USA.

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Fun Resources


Microbe Kombat(http://armorgames.com/play/2258/microbe-kombat). In this game, the player is in charge of eating, growing bigger, and then eating the competing microbes. It is a fun game that touches on the concepts of microbial growth, division, and survival strategies. The Great Flu (http://www.thegreatflu.com/) is a great way to introduce the costs and benefits of public health strategies. In The Great Flu, one selects a strain of virus and then employs measures to keep the virus from spreading all across the world. Each action you take, however, has a cost similar to that in real life—and also as in real life, you only have a limited amount of “money” to spend.




“A–Z of Epidemiology” (http://youtu.be/P2C4U624Y6o)
Food Safety Music (http://foodsafe.ucdavis.edu/)

4/9/2015 1 Preparation of N-broth and N-agar
11/9/2015 2 Steak Plate
18/9/2015 3 Spread Plate
25/9/2015 4 Paur plate
2/10/2015 5 Water culture
9/10/2015 6 Simple staining
16/10/2015 7 Gram Staining
23/10/2015 8 Air culture
30/10/2015 9 Hand washing
6/11/2015 10 Lab surfaces
13/11/2015 11 Disinfectant efficasy
20/11/2015 12 Soil culture
27/11/2015 13 Catalase test
4/12/2015 14 Sensitivity to antiobiotics
11/12/2015 15 Bread mould microscopy
18/12/2015 16 Curd analysis
25/12/2015 17 Growth-curve determination

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