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This website is no more maintained, as I have migrated to new Google Sites:

About FelixLab

As it said, this is my virtual lab.

I'm based at  30.17143 N, 74.96583 E.

I teach Biology at Central University of Punjab and distribute slides/hand-outs/Class notes/quizzes/assignments to the students through this website. Anyone from the world can access these resources and interact with otther students and teachers through Q&A forums built into each of these courses. I also chronicle the progress of my research in these pages and make the results accessible to the scientific community!  I and my wife are also involved with charity works, and we've founded an initiative called "Felix & Swapna Foundation." Through this site, we chronicle activities of this foundation.

I'm always looking for improvement, open for experiences, meeting interesting people and broaden my opportunities :-) 

Please contact me and let me know your comments.


Students, for supplementary materials, handouts, quizzes, assignments etc, please access Class notes section.


 - Felix Bast, PhD


 "The dangerous man is the one who has only one idea, because then he'll fight and die for it."
-Francis Crick