F&S Foundation

Welcome to Felix & Swapna Foundation, a charity foundation by Felix Bast and Swapna Varma, two individuals from India with a cause :-)

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Update 5

Govt. High School, Vasco da Gamma, Goa received our gift of books on 9th June, 2017. An extension talk to motivate the students to pursue a career in science, how to spot and trash pseudoscience, and my experiences in 36th Indian Antarctic Mission was also delivered.


St. Pius X College, Rajapuram, Kerala received our gift of books in July 2015 :-)


The foundation has donated a priceless treasure gifted by the President of India, Bust of Buddha 5th CE Gupta Dynasty recovered at Mathura, replica of the Buddha statue at Durbar Hall, Rashtrapati Bhavan, to the Central University of Punjab library on 14/6/2015 :-)


Korom Devi-Sahayam UP School at Korom Village, Kerala received our gift of bookss on 23/8/2014 :-)


Government primary and high schools at Jassi Village, Punjab received our first gift of books on 10/7/2014!

What's the cause?

We believe giving our time and part of our savings back to the society would be the most satisfying thing we will be cherished in our lifetime. We both are scientists, and as kids, we both had been involved with activities of Kerala Shastra Sahitya Parishad-an NGO from Kerala internationally renowned for their efforts in the popularization of science (For uninformed, KSSP received Right Livelihood Award, an Alt Nobel Prize, in 1996). Needless to say that KSSP, and its excellent popular science magazines Eureka and Shastra Keralam, helped us to inculcate interest in science in our school days. At its heart, the popularization of science is the motto of the foundation, but activities are not entirely limited to this motto. To its core, the foundation is envisioned towards expurgation of pseudiscience, that I believe is the cardinal cause of all social miseries. 

What are initiatives of this foundation?

The foundation has just begun, conceived during our 3rd marriage anniversary in April 2014, after watching a TEDx show. Some of the planned activities are:

  1. Donating popular science books to less fortunate government schools.
  2. Popularization of science through community activities, talks, articles etc.
  3. Endowments to promote primary scientific research in India
  4. Regularly donate blood and plasma
  5. Donate our computer's idle time for researchers with a cause.

How can I contribute to this foundation?

There are thousands of charity foundations in India and we believe there is a definite "trust" factor to be considered while making donations to them, partly owing to the gargantuan scale of corruption prevailing in this country. That is one reason why we made this foundation a private, and, therefore, we won't accept any donations. However, you can support us by 

  1. Start similar foundations with a cause! If one person starts similar foundation, then we'll be glad :-) (Disclosure: We truly believe the highest form of any charity is by anonymous donations. However, we sway from this for the time being, as we hope this page and other PRs will inspire others to start similar initiatives).
  2. Spreading our cause, to inspire others to start similar foundations!
  3. Invest your time and energy in some of the foundation's community activities.

How can I suggest other activities for consideration by the foundation?

Send me an email; I will be glad to consider!