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Conference proceedings

BAST F, OKUDA K. (2009) Gametangial ontogeny in the intertidal green algae: Monostroma latissimum. 57th Winter meeting of the British Phycological Society at the Natural  History Museum, London January, 2009

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BAST F (2010) "Ecophysiology and Phylogeography of Green Algae Monostroma from Southern Japan". PhD thesis, Kochi University, Japan. Download PDF


    BAST F (2008) Environmentalism in Classical and Modern Japan

    BAST F (2007) The most important thing, to sustain life

    BAST F (2004) Of scientists and their patriotism


    BAST F (2009) Mainichi National Newspaper (Published on July 20, 2009), Japan

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    BAST F (2004) Ca2+, an ion of Biological Cybernetics! (Published at BBC Online). Google Scholar Citation Report

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