The greatest tale ever told by a bored man

learn some history...

I will start off by introdicung the Characters:

Tanny: ladies-man, christian, short mohawk (most of the time), previously aspiring to be a Navy S.E.A.L. and go to Fl. State Hooah!! School Mascot, girlfrien is a hott cheerleader, the other is, as conny said ,"don't ask, don't tell."

Trevy: Me, i play soccer, also a ladies-man, comb-over hair, ladies man, aspiring hacker, pro soccer player, ninja, single,

Conny:HILARIOUS, better at computers than me, on a quest to plant his seed in the fertile soil of a certain girl that me and tanny are helping him to hook up with, has comb-over hair, ladies man

Mrs. Hendie: braces, short hair, doesn't talk loud but in a low, monotone voice that makes you wanna....mm...zzzz...FALL ASLEEP!! woah. just thinking about it made me...wanna.......

As i said before, the great tale of three young lads known as Tanny, Trevvy, and Conny began in Mrs. Hendie's math class that could've passed as a nazi death machine. That class was boring!!! Me and Conny were friends since '06 when he first came to our school. We sat beside each other for about the first two and a half weeks of the class and then Mrs. Hendie made a supid seating chart. Me and Conny got seperated. That sucked. But, on the positive side Conny got moved next to Tanny (who up until then i only knew him as the $P.I.M.P.$ in the grade above me). Conny and Tanny then became friends. Shortly therafter, Conny got moved for talking too much and i was put in his place. Me and Tanny then became friends.The seating arrangement stayed like that for the rest of the year. Conny would occasionally get away with sitting over by us.

After a while we began to wonder,"what to do to pass the time in this HELL of a classroom." So, i passed a piece of paper of to tanny that had a picture of him with something about to kill him. He drew something to deflect it. ART WARS WERE BORN AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!!

Signure art war characters:

Tanny: Seminole indians, ninjas, Sam Fisher

Trevvy (me):Rajiid the local convenience store clerk

Conny: Superman

Art wars were basically the foundation of our brotherhood. All we did was 1:laugh at many things 2:art wars 3: help each other out with chicks. Art wars were not meant to be won, but to be fun and help pass the time in Mrs. Hendie's torture chamber of a classroom.

ART WARS(What you need to know)

OBJECTIVE: Kill your opponent's character.


  • Try to be funny (they are meant to be enjoyed)
  • Be sensible (don't do something that you know is stupid and very much impossible, like have everything on the paper except your character spontaneously combust)
  • Your character cannot move (unless you decide that your paper is filled too much and you and your opponent agree to start over on the back where you left off.
  • Only 1or maybe 2 attacks per turn
  • You cannot kill your opponent in less than 2 moves

e.g. say you were to throw an axe at your opponent. You cannot draw the axe busting into his skull in one turn. you must draw it about to strike your opponent and give him a fighting chance.

  • this is not limited to 1v1 style of play. feel free to play your friends at 1v2, 2v2, 2v3,1v3,etc. Try not to involve more than 4 players at once. it then becomes too crowded

Don't you worry, cheaterpants, i'll remember the rest of them later...


Around this time we had a day where we got to work in groups, and somehow we all got to talkin about bands. we all were joking around and we thought that it would be funny if some lads were to get together and form a band that

lkj;dkajfkh;dkjfjfkj;dfkafjflfhj;fdjlfgh;jflksdfj;kghkfljd;kflkkdsfldfafj oops, glitch. that's too bad...

so we decide that we sould be those lads. but first, we had to think of a name. Conny kept insisting on the naked brooms for the name of the band and i thought it would be cool. But, tanny stayed firm (not like that, you FREAK) he wanted the name of the band to be T.T.C. and we all thought it would be funny if the name of the band really stood for 

dfgjldk;kslkj;ksjjl;dkvj;boohl;jdf';jfsdohdg;lfjk;dfsljg;sdoihgjroihjirh oops-not again! another glitch. that's too bad...

so it was legislation. sometime thereafter i begain making the band sign for T.T.C. (ill scan it and upload it later.)


During the middle of the school year tanny told us a story that was quite intriguing about his trip to Hawaii 3 yrs ago. this inspired a very meaniningful road trip that we are taking either this summer or next summer. for more info visit conny's page at Conny's TTC Page


Sadly, the semester had to end.

When the last day came, all was silent. We were all pissed. We had the greatest band ever and and we were best buds. it was like a black cloak of sorrow was looming over the horizon and was slowly enveloping us in a sheet of misery. we all stood up by the door, waiting for the bell to ring for 1st block to end in silence, afraid to say anything.i was afraid to say anything, thinking that it would be my last words ever spoken to tanny and conny. Finally, tanny broke the silince by saying, "you know, i'll probably never see you guys again, after this..."


 i was sitting at lunch the next semester, eating my pizza with a few old friends. it was pretty cool, but not as cool as mrs. hendies class last semester. it was then that i looked up from my pizza and saw tanny sitting at the table across from mine. "you little whore," i yelled out to him and he turned to look,"what're u doin!"

"hey, bit$%! he said. then we both started eating again. 

The next day tanny sat by me and we were talking.

"this is pretty sweet, i thought i'd never see your lil punk a#$" i said.

But there was something missing from the equation...Conny.

"Is conny in this lunch?" tanny asked.

"i think so." 

It was then that we saw conny sitting with wade and his friends. So, naturally, tanny threw a bean at him and we both ducked. Conny came and sat with us the next day and T.T.C. was officially reborn.

After a while, and several attacks from tanny's OTHER grilforn, we decided to move away from where we were and to a table across the lunchroom and in isolation so we could securely speak of T.T.C. business without worrying about craning necks, nosy noses, and unwanted listeners. This is where we sit now and we are still fearing the year end that is coming up. we have made it mandatory that we HAVE to have at least 1 day that we all hang out on every 2 wks during the summer.