You can see below some of my professional experiences. More about me: Lattes CV or PDF CV.

C.E.S.A.R. (2011)

Softaware Soluções em Informática (2010)

Company funded by the PRIME program, the Softaware aims to develop applications for mobile devices. The first project of this company, that I am one of the partners, is an application for S60 5th Edition.

Signove S/A (2009)

I was a trainner at Signove during four months, where I developed the a project for the discipline of "Estágio Integrado" from Computer Science course at UFCG.

BRisa Project (2008/2009)

BRisa is framework written in Python that allows the creation of UPnP devices, focusing on Media Servers and Media Renderer.

E-Phone Project (2007/2008)

The E-Phone project aims to develop a VoIP client for Maemo platform based on DCCP transport protocol. The project is supported by Nokia Institute of Technology and Laboratory Embedded.

Plugin - DCCP Gstreamer

The purpose of this activity was to develop a plugin for Gstreamer. Now, multimedia applications can use DCCP more easily. This activity is part of the E-Phone project. You can download a version of the plugin on the Gstreamer site. You need DCCP enabled in the Linux kernel.


Iphotobot Project (2005/2007)

Between 2005 and 2007 I worked in IPhotoBot project, funded by HP Brazil. Technical and scientific cooperation project in the areas of computer vision, image processing, pattern recognition, along with their applications in digital photography.
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4 de jun de 2011 17:12