Low Phosphorus Diets for Cats with Kidney Disease

By Aimee Castor, DVM
City Cat Mobile Vet Service


Home cooked foods:

Dark turkey or chicken



Fine Cuts with Chicken in Gravy 

Seared Filets with Turkey and Giblets

Special Diet Sliced Chicken in Gravy Dinner

Special Diet Turkey and Giblets Dinner

Healthy Indulgence:

Duck with Shrimp Formula in Creamy Sauce

Hills (Science Diet):

Hairball Control Adult Chicken Entrée

Hairball Control Adult Seafood Entrée

Savory Salmon (Adult)

Gourmet Beef (Adult)

Liver and Chicken (Adult)

Savory Seafood (Adult)

Gourmet Turkey (Adult)

Turkey & Giblets (Adult)

Light Adult

Savory Cuts Beef in Gravy

Savory Cuts Chicken in Gravy

Savory Chicken Entrée (Adult)

Savory Cuts Ocean Fish

Gourmet Beef (Senior)

Gourmet Turkey (Senior)

Chicken Dinner in Gravy (Senior)

Savory Chicken Entrée (Senior)


EVO 95% Beef

EVO 95% Venison

Raw Foods (For safety, cook lightly):

Nature's Variety Beef

Nature's Variety Chicken & Turkey

Nature's Variety Lamb