How to Collect a Urinalysis

How to Collect a Urinalysis at Home
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    Start with a very clean litter box. You can either purchase a new one or thoroughly disinfect and dry a used litter box.  It is important to obtain a sample that is as clean as possible.
  • Replace the normal litter with  Nosorb (plastic beads made for this exact purpose) or Kit4Cat. You can order a urine collection kit that contains Nosorb beads from our online pharmacy at:  Regular litter absorbs urine so it will not work. 

  • If you have other cats, place your cat in his/her own room with the litter box. Cats can hold their urine for up to 16 hours.

  • After your cat has urinated, pour the urine from the litter pan into a small clean container or suck it up with a syringe, obtaining at least 5 mls.

  • Drop it by the clinic located at 207 Harvard Ave E, Seattle 98102, either on a day that we are open or the evening before we are open so that the urine sample doesn't sit to long.  To temporarily store the sample, place it in the refrigerator. It can keep up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.

You can leave the urine sample in the unlocked metal box, labeled “specimen box”, at the entrance of the clinic. Please use a small container and leave a name on the sample. Email or call after the sample has been left at the clinic. 

Collecting a Urinalysis at the Clinic

Alternatively, you can drop your cat off at the clinic for us to obtain a urinalysis. If your cat's bladder is not full, your cat will need to stay for a few hours in order for us to collect the urine.  

What is a Urinalysis?