Keeping Your Cat Hydrated

  • Feeding canned foods.
  • Mixing water into your cat’s food (wet or dry).
  • Placing water containers at different locations in the house.  
  • Using water fountains: 
  • Using different sized water containers:  

Wide, shallow dishes, such as a glass pie pan.

Tall, skinny containers, such as drinking cups.   

  • Leaving water in the bottom of a sink, bathtub, or shower for your cat to drink. 
  • Offering low sodium chicken broth, clam juice, tuna juice, or low salt gravy mixes (check the ingredients to make sure no onions or garlic are present).
  • Putting a shallow bowl under a slowly dripping faucet.
  • Making ice cubes out of fish or meat broth and putting them in your cat’s water bowl to flavor the water.
  • Offering Catsip or lactose free milk.
  • Changing the water at least daily.

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