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Felicity Acres' Newborn Llama

Felicity Acres' Newborn Llama
Polar Star in Cria Coat
w/ his mother, Muffet


                                                              Polar Star with up-close exam by Aunt Ravenna
Polar Star - 1 day old (orange on face is iodine) 



Muffet speaks to Polar Star while Aunt Ravenna   looks on.
Muffet grazes while Star watches the photographer.

Polar Star Kicking Up His Heels  Star kicks up his heels!

Felicity's Polar Star arrived on schedule (Day 350) at 12:30 PM,  January 10, 2001.  The proud parents are Bobkat's Little Miss Muffet and PGL Tinkerton.  He is wearing his purple and teal waterproof fleece cria coat in these pictures but underneath is a completely white little boy-brilliant white all over, not a spot to be seen.  Star found his food station right away and Mom patiently allows him to nurse.  At this age Muffet is very protective of him but will let us handle him.  His aunties are attentive and doting.  The "boys" of Felicity Acres let out high pitched screams when they viewed the purple intruder and were so excited that they could not eat their dinner until Star and Muffet went into their stall!  After three weeks the family group is readily identified with the junior female, Inner Harmony, acting as nursemaid and playmate to Star.

Polar Star at 1 Month
Polar Star at 2 Months

Polar Star at 2 Months