Welcome to Felicity Acres Farm, we hope you enjoy your visit!
We are located in Eastern Washington near Rosalia, Washington

Felicity Acres is located just north of the community of Pine City in Eastern Washington. We are about 50 road miles southwest of Spokane in the Northern Palouse of Whitman County. The farm consists of approximately 60 acres of mostly cleared land with a backdrop of Ponderosa Pine forest. There are hundreds of acres of dryland wheat farms on our north side .

We no longer are breeding llamas or Icelandic Sheep. We have sold all of our sheep but have retained our llamas. Family circumstances no longer support an active livestock breeding program. We shared our farm and lives with a Great Pyrenees Mountain Dog, to help to protect the animals from the wildlife, stray dogs, and possible intruders. Sadly, Orion and other giant dogs, do not live for 20 years (or even much over 10) and he has gone on to the Rainbow Bridge.  We also have a Border Collie mix, house and farm dog, Joy. We intended to train her to help with handling the sheep. Our beloved cat, Midnight, died before we had a chance to move her to our new farm. She is buried in our garden at our new farm. Sadly, we also lost our other cat, Ebony, early in 2001. We also have a Nigerian Dwarf dairy goat.  

Here in Eastern Washington, we have added two pony cross horses about 12 hh, have Black Angus cattle during the grass growing season, and a succession of barn cats that came with the farm.

You may contact us at:  felicityacres@frontier.com

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