by George Schloss

Taking Alpha and Omega of human experience, both in terms of human history and individual experience, as his framework, George Schloss signposts the journey from Alpha at the outset, where we move from wholeness into separation, through the evolution of consciousness in a history which ultimately creates the conditions for reintegration at Omega. Thus we return to wholeness enhanced by the experience and fruits, not simply of the individual life, but of the history of mankind:  the means of the reintegration and conversion are a series of experiments designed by Douglas Harding. The result of the experiments is so ordinary, so natural, so everyday – that any attempt to accord them the status of ‘solution to the quest’ is considered by most people to be absurd; likewise, George’s own claim that they constitute ‘the end of history’. He takes Douglas Harding’s double injunction as the guiding principle of his work:


"To realize this instantaneous Now, to live in the present moment, taking no thought for tomorrow or yesterday must be my first concern. And my second must be to find in this Now all my tomorrows and yesterdays”.


The first concern is met in the experience of the experiments, the second involves an inversion of the customary world outlook and, as a consequence, it is deeply resisted. So, whilst the vision is plain its import is denied as long as the significance and value of the experiments continue to be overlooked. George attempts to overcome this resistance by revealing the meaning of the vision, first in two essays (Volume 1) and then in a series of letters (Volume 2), The books  define an approach to the revelation of the experiments, through the history of Western thought. He identifies and describes the work of leading philosophers and theologians whose enquiries and insight have brought them to the edge of the necessary transformation now made accessible by the arrival of the Harding experiments.





Letter to Anne


Headlessness & the End of History 


Questions  & Answers


Letters to Carl      


Index to the Carl letters    




Experiments referred to in the essays and letters.     


The Language of Silence


Volume 1 - Essays


Volume 2 - Letters