Worked All States



- You must be a member of the Feld Hell Club, but may make contacts with non-members.
- Work other amateurs in any mode of Hellschreiber on or after March 6, 2006 on any HF amateur band, including WARC bands.
- Work stations in each state of the 50 United States. One QSO per band per station.
- Certificates are awarded in two levels; Worked 25 states and worked all 50 states.

 How to submit for this Award

Submission of QSLs is not required.

Send an email to the Awards Manager with the required information in Word, Excel, or even a text file similar to the following example:

Date, Time, Callsign Contacted, His FH Number (if member), Band, His State.

Be sure to include your name, call sign and Feld Hell number in the email.

Award certificates will be e-mailed to the recipient.

 25 States  50 States
001  N3LFC  FH002
002  KZ1Z  FH008
003  RV6YZ  FH221
004  WB2HTO  FH693
005  W8LEW  FH707
006  AI6O  FH337
007  WA7NB  FH1137
008  W7IXZ  FH943
009  WQ9Z  FH1437
010  N4QLB  FH925
011  WF7T  FH1152
012  WW1FHC  FH001
013  K1YAN  FH134
014  N7VV  FH1494
016  K6FW  FH2028
017  K7PWL  FH1177
018  DK5AI  FH607
019  W4ALE  FH2136
020  YO5BBO  FH2831
021  IK4IDF  FH2868
022  WB8MKH  FH399
023  K8JO  FH2912
024  N2FYE  FH3331
025  KB9MLE  FH2580
026  VA3PC  FH1858
027  N0IU  FH25
028  K3DCW  FH2427
029  W3HI  FH4109
030  DM2BPG  FH2897
031  K3TXT  FH2722
032  KN4PKY  FH4293
033  F4ELJ  FH3522
034  W8TOM  FH2406
035  K9ZXO  FH919
036  K5ND  FH4345
037  W6ZKH  FH4194

001  WA7NB  FH1337
002  KZ1Z  FH008
003  WB2HTO  FH693
004  N4QLB  FH925
005  WF7T  FH1152
006  N3LFC  FH2
007  K6FW  FH2028
008  KI4UKF  FH1681
009  DK5AI 
010  N9FTC  FH1648
011  N2FYE  FH3331