SWL Awards

The Feld Hell Club takes pride in providing the following awards to SWLers around the world.

Sample DXCC
DXCC Award:  For hearing a Feld Hell Club member in a country or entity as recognized by the ARRL.  These awards are given in 25 bar increments.

WAS/Friend in Every State: For hearing a Feld Hell Club member in all 50 states of the United States. This award is issued as 2 seperate awards. The first one for contacting 25 States, the second for contacting all 50 U.S. States.

Sample WACanada
Worked All Canada: The Worked All Canada award requires hearing Hell contacts in all ten Canadian Provinces.  Hellschreiber QSOs heard in each of the three Territories will be certified by a flag stamp. All reception must be made on or after December 19, 2012.

Sample WAC
Worked All Continents:  Will be awarded to Feld Hell Club members who heard fellow members on all continents: Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania.* (See Notes)   All reception must be made after March 6, 2006.

Sample WAE
Worked All Europe:  We're using the DARC Worked all Europe counrty listing for this award.  We will award in three bars: 25, 50, and All Countries of Europe.  The two U.N. stations on the DARC list will not be counted for this award. Non-members count only if country has no members.  All reception must be made after March 6, 2006.

Sample WARC'n Overtime Certificate
WARC'n Overtime:  This certificate will be awarded to Feld Hell Club SWL members who hear and log the minimum number of contacts on the WARC bands (see the regular Amateur Radio award page for the required contacts needed).  All contacts heard and logged, must be after September 22, 2012.  The award is available in four levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

How to get your Awards
- You must be a Feld Hell Club member to obtain an award.  Membership is free.  You may sign up from the "Membership" link on the sidebar.
- No QSL cards are required for any of these awards.
- Send an email to the Awards Manager with the required data tabulated in Excel (preferred), or a text file, or simply tabulate the data in the email.
- Be sure to include your name and Feld Hell membership number.


The following information should be helpful in determining the continental area of a station located adjacent to a continental boundary:

  • North America includes Greenland (OX) and Panama (HP).
  • South America includes Trinidad & Tobago (9Y), Aruba (P4), Curacao & Bonaire (PJ2-4) and Easter Island (CE0).
  • Oceania includes Minami Torishima (JD1), Philippines (DU), Eastern Malaysia (9M6-8) and Indonesia (YB).  Because Antarctica is such a difficult entity for Hellschreiber contacts, it has been included as part of Oceania for this award.
  • Asia includes Ogasawara Islands (JD1), Maldives (8Q), Socotra Island (7O), Abu Ail Island (J2/A), Cyprus (5B, ZC4), Eastern Turkey (TA2-9) and Georgia (4L).
  • Europe includes the fourth and sixth call areas of Russia (R1-6), Istanbul (TA1), all Italian islands (I) and Azores (CU).
  • Africa includes Ceuta & Melilla (EA9), Madeira (CT3), Gan Island (8Q), French Austral Territory (FT) and Heard Island (VK0).
[Above information is taken off the IARU web site at:  http://www.iaru.org/worked-all-continents-award.html