2018 Sprints

All Sprints are on the 3rd Saturday of the month.
"Full Day of Hell" Sprints are held in three Months that have a 5th Saturday (except November and December).  
Three of the sprints will be 4 continuous hours in duration.
Sprint details will be posted before the Sprint on the Yahoo Group.
Score submission link will be active for 4 days after the sprint (Link also on main page of website).

 January "Low Down" Sprint
 160-80-40m contacts only.

Date shown for beginning of sprint. Sprint times overlap.

 20 Jan 2018
 2000 - 2359z EU-AF
 2300 - 0259z ENA-ESA
  21 Jan 2018
0200 - 0559z WNA-OC-AS

 Low Down Sprint Submission
 Now three four-hour zones/times
 to choose from, pick a time based
 on your QTH and have fun in Hell !
     **** 4 Hour Sprint ****
 February Bingo Sprint                   
 Fill in your Bingo card for bonus points.
 17 Feb 2018
1900 - 2059z
 Bingo Sprint Submission
 March Leprechaun Sprint              
 Work a leprechaun (Similar to our Turkey Hunt).
 17 Mar 2018
 2000 - 2159z
 Leprechaun Sprint Submission
 March "Full Day of Hell
 31 Mar 2018
 0000 - 2359z
 WAAAEO FDOH Sprint Submission
 April Something Old, Something New Sprint
 Bonus points for working old or new members. 
 21 Apr 2018
 1800 - 2159z
 Something Old, Something New Sprint Submission
 **** 4 Hour Sprint ****
 May Hamvention Sprint                  
 Bonus points for working the crew in Dayton
 (Would you like to join us there?). 
 19 May 2018
 1600 - 1759z
 2000 - 2159z
 Hamvention Sprint Submission
 June "Field Day" Sprint 
 Work any emergency powered station for extra points.
 16 Jun 2018
 1800 - 1959z
 Field Day Sprint Submission
 FDOH Sprint
 June "Full Day of Hell
 30 Jun 2018
 0000 - 2359z
 FDOH Sprint Submission
 July "Early Bird" Sprint
  Something for you early risers
 21 Jul 2018
 1200 - 1359z
 Early Bird Sprint Submission
 August GridLocator Sprint                     
 Its all about the Grids !   
 18 Aug 2018
 1600 - 1759z
 GridLoc Sprint Submission
 September Hell on Wheels Sprint   
 Same rules as last year      
 15 Sep 2018
 1800 - 1959z
 Hell on Wheels Sprint Submission
 WAA FDOH Sprint
 September "Full Day of Hell" 
 29 Sep 2018
 0000 - 2359z
 WAA FDOH Sprint Submission
 October Spooky Sprint
 No 20m band - Spooky ain't it !     
 20 Oct 2018
 2000 - 2359z
 Spooky Sprint Submission
  **** 4 Hour Sprint ****
 November Turkey Sprint         
 Find the gobblers on the bands.   
 17 Nov 2018
 1900 - 2059z
 Turkey Sprint Submission
 December Rudolf Full Day of Hell      
 Same rules as last year.    
 15 Dec 2018
 0000 - 2359z
 Rudolf FDOH Sprint Submission