A Non-governmental White Paper on the June Fourth Massacre

Title: A Non-governmental White Paper on the June Fourth Massacre
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Author: The June Fourth Massacre Remembrance Committee, Li Jinjin

Pages: 48, photos: 23

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In the late spring and early summer of 1989, a pro-democracy movement led by students took place in Beijing and other major cities. The Chinese government ordered around 200 thousand troops marching into the City, and suppressed the pro-democracy movement, causing over ten thousand casualties. This is the June Fourth Massacre. Based on the news paper reports, memoirs, TV and radio broadcast recordings that appeared throughout the twenty years, this white paper analyzes and explains the following issues: what is the nature and history of the movement, whether a “political turmoil” and “antirevolutionary uprising” had taken place, whether the martial law was unconstitutional, whether the “crackdown” led by the army was a massacre, and what is the legacy and influence of the event worldwide.

Why is this paper entitled "Non-governemntal White Papert"?

This White Paper is a comprehensive political report and legal analysis of the June Fourth Movement. The Chinese government has not issued an investigation report or objective appraisal up till today. As a non-governmental force, the authors’ completion of this white paper is to be responsible to history and also constitutes a challenge and protest to the fact that Chinese authorities still muffle discussions of the historical event. This paper is entitled as White Paper to emphasis its precision, formality and seriousness, as well as its accessibility to the readership.

About the Authors

The White Paper is initiated by The First Group of Coordinators of the June Fourth Massacre Remembrance Committee and composed by Li Jinjin (Jim Li), JSD. Hu Ping (writer, political commentator), Yan Jiaqi (political science researcher, former director of the Institute of Political Science), Wang Juntao (PhD in Political Science, Columbia University), Wang Dan (PhD in history, Harvard University), Xu Wenli (founder of the China Democracy Party and senior researcher at Brown University), Chen Pokong (author and commentator), Wang Tiancheng (scholar on constitutional law, former lecturer at Beijing University). Liu Lu, Yi Gai and Zhang Jing also participated in the discussions and provided editorial comments.

Review of the White Paper

From Yan Jiaqi
(former Director of the Institute of the Political Science of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences of the PRC)

"This is the first comprehensive legal report and analysis on the June Fourth Massacre in the last 20 years.  The White Paper answers two critical questions: first, there was no “riot” in Beijing between June 3rd and 4th in 1989.  The so called “putting down the riot”, executed by the PLA was indeed a manslaughter on students and residents in Beijing. Second, the students’ protests and the hunger strike were not “political turmoil” claimed by the “4.26 Editorial” of the   People’s Daily but were peaceful demonstrations protected by the Constitution and laws of the PRC. 


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Background
3. It was a petitioning movement within the Constitution of PRC
4. There was no alleged “political turmoil”
5. There was no “counter-revolutionary riot” before the PRC forced to move in Beijing on June 3, 1989
6. There is not doubt that the PLA did the massacre
7. The Marshal Law was against the law of the PRC
8. The Ten Regulations on Demonstrations of Beijing Municipality was invalid
9.  Historical reflection
10. Conclusion: our continual pursuit