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CS0: Introduction to Computer Science

Expectations for Quarter 1 Project:  Web Site
Your site should demonstrate appropriate use of text, pictures, hyperlinks, colors/styles.
Your site should use a table (or similar) to create a multi-column layout.
Your site should consist of at least 4 pages that connect to each other appropriately.
Your site should have a menu.
The content on your site should be meaningful, easy-to-read, well written, and concise.  Use correct spelling and grammar.
Content should be well organized across the multiple pages of your site.
Your site should be creative/fun/interesting.
You should have tried something new/interesting that wasn't demonstrated in a lesson.

How To Upload Your Web Site
On a school computer, click on your Desktop to open the Finder application.  From the Go menu, choose Connect to Server.  Enter the following URL (replacing SmithJ14 with your user name):


This is your folder on the server, not to be confused with the work that you store "locally" on your laptop.

In the server folder, create a subfolder called q1, and copy your complete web site to that folder on the server.  Do not edit the files in this folder.  Continue to edit the files locally, and re-copy your complete web site to the q1 folder on the server every now and then (once each class period).

Create a web page called index.html locally.  This web site should include your name and a link to the main page of your web site.  For example:

<a href="q1/mywebsite.html">quarter 1 web site</a>

Copy your index.html file to the server folder (outside of q1).

You should be able to view this page (and the rest of your web site) in your browser (from anywhere in the world), by entering the following URL (replacing SmithJ14 with your user name):