Mistress Milesenda De Bourges, OL, OP

Barony of Darkwater

Contact: minxlette@gmail.com

Or, a phoenix, on a chief purpure a quill pen bendwise sinister Or. Registered : 5/05/2004

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About Milesenda:

Milesenda joined the Order of the Laurel at Gathering of the Clans, 2014

Milesenda began her SCA adventures in 2001 in the East Kingdom, immediately joining the kingdom and baronial scribal workshops and contributing scrolls to both the baronial and kingdom level for the East. She adopted a mid-15th century French persona focusing around one of the turning points of the 100 Years War. She maintained a strong interest in the scribal arts, kitchen service, and event clean up assistance and received her Award of Arms in 2003. She continued to scribe and periodically attend events through 2004 and early in 2005 took a short break to complete her masters degree, get married, start a new career, and move to Trimaris.

Milesenda returned to full service and activity in Trimaris in 2011, bringing her husband to join with her. She immediately joined the scribal college for both the Barony of Darkwater and the Kingdom and became involved in service projects ranging from clean up to retaining to organizing large scale artistic endeavors. She became apprenticed to Mistress Gwenyllan Verch Morgan in late 2011 and later became a protege to Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra in 2013. She was elevated to the Order of the Laurel in April of 2014.  She has a great passion for the research base and learning gains of art-sci as well as for helping improve the SCA’s educational programs and atmosphere. She continues to pursue interests in period illumination and calligraphy and the teaching of these topics, but also holds interest in several other arts including embroidery, period presence, and singing. She also enjoys archery despite not being particularly skilled at it.


Milesenda is a mid-fifteenth century noblewoman from Bourges, France, who slipped off from her family estate to marry an English duelist, James Highgate, causing the scandal of her family (at least until her brother does something equally ill regarded.) The darling of her father's eye, she was taught to read and write and has since applied these skills to the scribal arts, turning her talent at word smithing and painting to more practical pursuits.


Apprenticed to Mistress Gwenllyan verch Morgan. Proteged to Baroness Maol Mide ingen Medra.

Service: Offices and Service Positions


  • Triskele Herald - Kingdom
  • Chart Signet Herald - Kingdom
  • Seneschal - Canton of Swampkeype
  • Arts and Science Officer - Canton of Swampkeype

Service Positions

  • Deputy Chart Signet, Kingdom

  • Jack Herald, Kingdom

  • Assistant Autocrat - Darkwater Trident Tourney, 2016

  • Sanitation Lead - Swampthyng, 2016

  • Baronial Champions Art-Sci Organizer - Kingdom, 2015

  • Village Faire Art-Sci Organizer - Barony of Darkwater 2015

  • Hall Steward - Barony of Darkwater, 30th year 2015
  • Deputy Scribal Guild Coordinator, Barony of Darkwater

  • Co-Autocrat, Gathering of the Clans - Darkwater 2014

  • Largesse Tourney organization - Darkwater 2014

  • Reservations Steward - Swampthyng 2013, Village Faire 2013

  • Autocrat - Darkwater Scribal, Service, and Heraldic Symposium, 2013, 2014

  • Sanitation Lead - Trident Tourney, 2012

Service Projects

  • Society: Signet organization and backlog “bank” project coordinator
    to eliminate non-Trimaris backlogs

  • Society: YAFA project guidelines and training manuals team

  • Society: Kingdom organizer 50th year scroll display at 50th year event

  • Darkwater: Coordinator Darkwater music revels “restart”

  • Darkwater: Baronial Gate painting and banner making

  • Darkwater: Hall tapestries assistance

  • Various Events: Mayanmas Moot "One Night in Tikal" Hall decor (small props lead)

  • Various Events: 30th year, Assisted with hall decor

  • Kingdom: Painting royal pavillion

  • Kingdom: 50th year projects: Atlas and Royal Roll of Arms

  • Kingdom: Invitation creation for state dinner, Pennsic

  • Kingdom: Signet handbook creation

  • Kingdom: Silk window painted banners team

  • Kingdom: Organized creation of 30th year banners, contributed line art, painted banners

  • Kingdom: Rapier beautification project - banners, sword, field set up assistance

  • Kingdom: Initiated Trimaris Fashion Show project (reboot)

  • Kingdom Scribe (Trimaris and East)

Regular Service Activities

  • Demo participation: Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire, Orlando Science Center, Bay Area Renaissance Faire, Villages Renaissance Faire
  • Swampkeye Revel organization
  • Children’s activities, various events
  • Retaining (Kingdom and Baronial), various events
  • Judging, Art Sci (Kingdom)
  • Reservations desk, various events
  • Organizing craft nights and work days, Swampkeype
  • Feast serving, various events
  • Kitchen clean up, various events
  • Gift basket donations, various events

Arts and Sciences: Interests and Classes


Interests: Period materials techniques in book arts, banner use, panel painting, and other painting applications


  • Beginning Scribal 
  • Basic Italian White Vine
  • Bar and Ivy, Illumination patterns in the 1200's
  • Basic Gilding 
  • Realistic Illumination: Shading and realistic drawing
  • Lecture: Modern recreation of medieval manuscript pages and period techniques
  • Period Pigments 
  • Scroll layout 
  • Gold Stamping - Gilding Technique
  • Making period brushes


Interests: Period materials and techniques in handwriting, formal and secretary scripts

  • Beginning Scribal
  • Left Handed Calligraphy Tricks 
  • Beginning Calligraphy 
  • Uncial and celtic style scripts
  • Gothic quadrata
  • Quill cutting
  • Carolingian miniscule
  • Litera Bastarda

Other Arts

Banner Painting, Silk and Linen

Interests: gutta and resist techniques, period pigments on silk and linen


  • Silk Banner Painting

 Paper Mache Mask Making

                        Interests: Period paper mache techniques, venetian mask making and design, period mask design


  • Paper Mache Mask Making with period technique

 Public Speaking and Performance

                        Interests: Period and SCA-appropriate music, singing, recorder


  • Vocal Projection and Public Speaking in the SCA

 Period Presence Items

                        Interests: Period camping items and improvement, French 15th century


  • Making Medieval Oil Lamps


                        Interests: Surface embroidery, gold work, late period embroidery


      • Jacobean and late period embroidery

Lampwork Beads

                    Interests: Lampwork bead making

Arts and Sciences: Entries and Accolades


  • 2011 Regional - Illuminated Border with Skulls

  • 2012 Kingdom - Peacock and Angel Illumination

  • 2013 Kingdom - Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards

  • 2013 Regional - Vizard Mask

  • 2014 Kingdom - Vizard Mask

  • 2014 Kingdom - 15th Century Linen Banner


          Gulf Wars Champion           2014 Jan 18          15th Century Linen Banner

          Baronial Champion             2013 Sep 28          Vizard Mask

Populace Acclaim

2013 Jan 12  

Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards

Gulf Wars Champion

2013 Jan 12  

Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards

Non Pareil

2013 Jan 12  

Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards

Crown’s Acclaim

2012 Jan 14

Peacock and Angel Illumination

Crown's Acclaim

2011 Oct 29  

Illuminated Border with Skulls

Populace Acclaim

2011 Oct 29

Illuminated Border with Skulls

Martial Arts

  • Archery (unranked)


http://lanatessler.blogspot.com/ - Includes art sci entry papers and project galleries
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