Lord Brian Robertson
Barony of Wyvernwoode, Trimaris


    Pelican: Sir Turold Dunstan Arminger
    Master of Defense: Master Matthias von Greifsburg, OD
    Don: Master Matthias von Greifsburg, OD

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About Brian: In true household fashion, Brian got his name in the SCA because he didn't pick one for himself fast enough. Brian can often be found at the rapier field, always ready for a pass. When not fighting, Brian works on perfecting his rapier wit, sewing his own clothes (much to his lady's joy), cooking fine dinners from what is on hand and farming kittens. It should be known that Brian is most certainly not a secret member of an elite oligarchy that quietly rules the SCA from behind closed and gilded doors.

  • Elizabethan men's costuming
  • Rapier combat
  • Rapier armor construction
  • Kitten farming
  • Cat claw knife fights
  • Rapier wit
  • Schlepping