Honorable Lady Grainne mhic Neill
Barony of Sternfeld, Middle Kingdom


    Pelican: Iefan Colledig ap Dynfwal Abertawe
    Laurel: Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra
    Master of Defense:

Order of Precedence Link (Middle Kingdom)

pic: Grainne IngenAnloinmeic Cerbaill, Grainne mhic Neill and Caterina Angelica Galilei

About Grainne: Grainne is a very proud and extremely busy mother of two who enjoys calligraphy and illumination whenever she has a spare moment. Grainne also enjoys making loop in loop jewelry, rosaries, and occasional poetry. She also tries to get back to Trimaris as often as she can.

Associations: Grainne is apprenticed to Mistress Maol Mide and is protege to Master Iefan.

Accomplishments: Grainne was a Deputy Exchequer for the Kingdom of Trimaris, served as Art/Sci officer for her local group, an was also the Quartermaster for the Trimaris College of Scribes. In addition she was Deputy Seneschal and Minister of the Arts and Sciences for Fiach Ogan.  She is currently the Baronial Prize Czar for the Barony of Sternfeld in the Middle Kingdom.