Mistress Kale Adriane, OP
Barony of Marcaster, Trimaris

    Kale is a 12th century lady living in the Eastern Roman Empire city of Thessalonica.

    Pelican: Elevated 2015-09-05 [Duchess Maise of Dunbarton, OP]
    Laurel: Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra
    Master of Defense:

Order of Precedence Link

About Kale: She loves to travel and sample the arts of new cultures.  This is shown in her love of costuming, illumination, weaving, and distilling.  

Kale believes no event is complete without classes and to that end has served as a Class Steward multiple times. She also enjoys running events and coordinating demos.

Accomplishments: Kale has served as the Exchequer for the Barony of Marcaster, Chatelaine during the reign of  King Lorcan and Queen Grainne, and is currently serving as Chronicler to the Barony of Marcaster.

Interests: Stained glass, costuming for various periods, illumination,

Projects:  Kale has undertaken a long term project "Demo-in-a-box" in an attempt to showcase the talents of her Barony.